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  1. Jen (Australia) from QuestJen, recently threw a great giveaway and I was the 2nd prize winner! I just got the package last few weekd and would like to share my reviews of them. First of, this was the prize she showed on her blog:
    Here is the sweet package that I received. She had individually wrapped them with bubble wraps, how thoughtful!
    1.  Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser for sensitive skin
    Milky texture and it absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. No fragrance, no lingering stickyness on hands nor on face. I've always like skincare for sensitive skin, because they have lesser harming ingredients, and more natural soothing ingredients. Pro: No breakout from using it. Con: My face oiliness is still uncontrollable >.<

    2. Laneige Professional Makeup Remover Multi Cleanser
    When squeezed out, it feels milky on my palm. It has a very very light pink tint colour and have no fragrance smell at all. Then when I massage it into my face (with makeup on), I can feel really fine tiny pin size grain on my palms. Really consider a multi cleanser as it also exfoliates! I think this can be over drying for some, but I felt really clean and matte after washing (maybe because I am oily skin?). Will I purchase the full size? Hmm it's about 180ml for RM100 here, and I usually prefer a foam cleanser, so I'll have to think about it.

    3. NYX Body Glitter Gel - Sunshine
    I love this glitter gel! The glitters are tiny gold dust-like, no fragrance, no greasyness, and it said it can go on hair! The pump is convenient, I really wish I can get this in Malaysia.

    4. Australis Nail Colour -Pink Pluto
    This is a generous big bottle of nail colour (hopes it don't dry too quickly!). I would describe the colour as light pink pearly champagne. The brush is long (which is a plus, because I like brushes to touch the bottom of the bottle) and it's smooth. The sheen is pretty great, under white light, my nails just shine white lol I really miss this brand, I used to love Australis eyeshadows before I was introduced to Japanese brands. Anyhoo, I put on some Anna Sui nail stickers, now isn't that girly? ^^
    Y'all have a nice weekend!

    ps: I am having trouble installing "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 - Publisher" on my new pc, some "PubWW.cab" file missing and this is a big drag, because I need Publisher to do my digital scrapbooking photo borders :( 

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 4 kisses & hugs:

    1. mearnold115 said...

      I have combination skin, my skin tone is very very fair, and my HG foundation is MAC's Studio Sculpt in NC15.
      mearnold115 at yahoo dot com

    2. t said...

      Thanks for the review. Congrats on winning!


    3. Yin said...

      Ooh I do love simple products, used in the winter season but anything else, it just SLIDES off. :(

      Nice reviews

    4. Pretty nails! Congrats on winning, Elle! =D And good luck on your own giveaway. I'd join but Etude House and my skin do not agree with each other unfortunately.

      (Haha...tight ass is right!)

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