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  1. Elle Big 3-0 Birthday

    Apr 5, 2010

    Happy Big 3-0 Birthday to Elle!

    I know, nobody likes to announce a lady's age, but what the heck. Birthdays are great, it reminds me to be appreciative towards life. I'm glad that I'm happy, with the one I love, have family and friends, have a great career that I'm passionate about, healthy and wise.

    It was a superb birthday, luncheon with my family and dinner with SO. I love my food, but I don't have the habit to wait and take a pic of it before gulping it down! So very sorry, there are no food porn here, but there are desserts~!

    Yummy yummy, I just love chocolate mousse that melts in my mouth, and these Royce chocolate just hit the spot! SO prefers the champagne flavour, but I just like the original milk chocolate. I really like the way they pack it so that I can go walking and shopping and don't have to worry about rushing home afraid it melts!

    For the lovely birthday dinner, here is my ensemble (my sisters thought of this bombastic word ^^)

    Nah, I didn't go out with the tight waist belt (couldn't breathe!) LoL I was pretty overdress as we just went to one of our favourite local restaurant for some very simple Nyonya food (SO was in his wool suit!). I have showed this bow necklace here, and kinda redesigned it ^^

    Here comes my BIG gift from SO:


    Aw ain't he sweet? We went to the store to pick it up after dinner. The brochure only have the gold bracelet but mine is a silver sterling mesh ring with 4 (April)  bling bling ^_* Well, it is my birthstone after all lol

    So I went to Tiffany online store and found it here:

    I am over the moon for this ring! It's precious because it's the very thought that counts, the wishes that comes with it, the symbol it represents (our love & commitment, of course) and because it's from the love of my life!
    Some of me gfs have ponder, is it better to have a ring in hand or cash in hand? I reckon sincerity of the gifts is most important, it don't have to be practical nor fancy, just the sincerity of giving it and wishing the receiver all the happiness in the world. Therefore, birthdays are all about being happy, cheerful, appreciative towards the freedom we have, the comfort and support that is given to us.

    Well, the wonderful night ended with the movie "Clash of the Titans". Since I'm a huge fan of the PC game "Titan Quest", I <3 this movie! I wonder if there will be a HISHE in youtube for this movie, I would ask 'he should not drop the head, it may be useful' (I won't spoil it for those who haven't watch it yet hehe)

    Stay tune for my next post: Gifts from my dearest family dad & mum & sisters!

    Don't forget my giveaway~! Sharing and giving is caring!

    ps: I don't have a good camera, all these photos (even previous posts) are taken from my phone camera. I'm not a good camera woman thousand apologies :)

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 11 kisses & hugs:

    1. Dina (XYYan) said...

      Happy Birthday!! Wow, your SO is really sweet to get you the ring, the ring is so pretty :)

    2. Mz. More said...

      Happy birthday. Love your outfit and beautiful, beautiful ring hon! :)

    3. Penelope said...

      Happy birthday! What a lovely gift the ring is. Your outfit looks great!

    4. Stephanie said...

      happy birthday! what a gorgeous ring and outfit! :)

      I've had that brand of chocolates when I stopped by the japan airport. I didn't know you could get them anywhere else. It's sooo good.

    5. stellarvixen said...

      omedeto otanjyobi! Happy Big 3-0 birthday! hugs

      seems you had a blast for your birthday! did you make a wish?

      luv yyour ensemble! gosh you hav the right curves at the right area :D

      i luvv the ring with a modern twist from tifffany~~ nice pick!!
      DIAMONDS are GIRLs best friends..as the rock signifies more than its value :)

    6. superwoolu said...

      happy birthday!! age should not be a limitation to having the right to flaunt our goods :p i love your nail color! what shade is it?

    7. Miss K. You said...

      Elle, I wish you a wonderful birthday! Glad to see you had a good time with loved ones.. and that ring is jaw-dropping gorgeous, love that it matches your nails too! Yes I'll post up a swatch of MAC's birds & berries for you soon :) the discount card sounds awesome, how can I get one?! haha

    8. coffretgorge said...

      my tummy growled in delight when i saw those boxes of royce! hmm melt in your mouth goodness, gosh i want some right now! hahaha! but then my eyes got big when i saw your tiffany ring how sweet of your SO! aww.... Wishing you a very happy happy birthday love! :)

      re: the kose junkisei prime mask, it does not feel sticky afterwards, my skin absorbs it pretty well, but then again, its just ok for me, there are a lot of better masks out there :D

      ps. thanks for inviting me to join your giveaway! :)

    9. Happy birthday Elle :) luv Royce too !!

    10. Kylie Mc said...

      happy birthday! what a great way to celebrate...chocolates and jewelry! btw, that ring is gorgeous! :)

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