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  1. I really miss my fast internet. Haven't the M government here heard of cable??? I WANT MY CABLE!!! So totally off topic, because sometimes, there are events in my life that is not super smooth and seem so ridiculously impossible but yet happened. And that is: slow internet connection!

    Although over here in M, offered wireless broadband, but it seems these 'so-called' wireless modem works like Astro (local paid-tv, which is base on satellite, and not through cable -_-). Meaning, when it RAINS, there are no TV and no internet! I thought I am quite an intellectual person, but I was baffled when I called up the customer service, they replied "Sorry madam, because of the clouds during the rain, block out the connection from the satellite." But there are also clouds during non-raining days! Is it really the clouds??? Or is it the rain??? Well, both doesn't make sense to me..

    It should be a happy day for me as my giveaway is coming to an end (in 24 hours!!!). And I have so many things line up to blog about:
    • $10 credit to bandit.fm
    • Review on Naris Up Acmedica Lotion & Celdie Cleanser
    • Review Lucidol & Asience hair products
    • A special blog award
    Sigh..slow internet, what to do? Take me 10 minutes to load a blog, take me 15 minutes to play my FB, take me 20 minutes to load my google reader

    If I have super fast internet, I would:
    • Click all 'accept' on my 99+ requests on my FB 
      • (it makes me mad that I can't accept gifts or neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!)
    • Get myself up-to-date with American Idols and Britain Got Talents
      • (is the X-Factor started yet?)
    • Read my google reader (there are still 500+ posts unread..)
    Wokies, calm down, elle. I'm not that mad at slow internet connection, just that I don't like to be taken a fool. I am paying $xxx a month to get this kinda of internet? That is the same price I paid to get cable, and a cable's speed is 24Mbps, not 1Mbps like now. sob sob

    Let me go play with my makeup and count up all your entries. Now that makes me happy! ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

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