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  1. This makeup skincare blog world is a world of support. I wanna shout out a bit THANK YOU, to everyone who have entered. As promised, I've went out and get some extra goodies to make it weigh 1kg and here it is:

    A fun jewelry watch, a blue crystal long layered necklace (I love this kind of necklaces now), 3 pots of singular Red Earth eyeshadows, Sally Hansen and Maybeline eye primer and concealer.

    Ta-Dah~ 1 kg unwrapped so Good Luck everyone!

    Here are the current participants for my April 2010 Giveaway:

    Marjorie W ginnn7 Bethany
    Eviee89 Jennifer H ehlee
    The Green Fairy Charmaine Jordana
    Sandi L Dorothay K Ipeh P
    Kat C/td>Nancy shaimapassion
    Risya Joy M Insiya
    Wilma V Beka Daiana G
    Ana R Kimberley Daiane Negretti
    ewok_ Dovile Fiona C
    Diana A Carina G Dee Gol
    Dina Ana B Victoria
    Anne T Tifanny S Ruchee
    Bintan Doreen R Vanessa
    Akisa Nikki S Cynthia S
    Sarah Joanne J Damla
    Rena Katrina Mia A
    Maria J Filomena P Katrina C
    Jessa O Hannah C Ceecile
    Adeline Er Anstah Salina
    ladymishel Kathy W Josie E
    Katrina M Brenda Mai Thy
    Lourdes D Kiki X Porcelaine
    Mihrace Natalie N Hazel E
    Joany Liezl D Erin P
    Lara Marizen Jennie N
    Maggin P Lisa Jaquilly H
    Juli Nix P Katherine Ryan
    Carine D Jenny Emma F
    Ma Luisa Kristie M Issa M
    Andrea You Next!

    If your link does not work, it is either you did not provide me or I made a mistake, please let me know and I will alter it. This list will be publish again on 30th April for the winner announcement!

    I think its only fair to share my participants blogs with the world, as they are a collective of great pages (well, some are mainly just on giveaways, but I also think they are great because they let me know what's going on elsewhere ^^). For new comers, take a peek at these blogs, I have learn a few things there, seen alot of beautiful makeups, have gotten lots of inspiration for my makeup of the day, etc.

    Don't forget my giveaway~! Giving and sharing is caring!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 13 kisses & hugs:

    1. Jenny said...

      u are so generous! and thanks for the list of bloggers ;) i love sharing the love too :)

    2. Jennifer said...

      thanks for linking me :)!

    3. Miss K. You said...

      Aw forgot to join, good luck to the entrants though :) and what a cute scale/weight you have! haha I was wondering what it was.. yes the Birds & Berries eyeshadow is great for smokey eyes. Aw I didn't know Australia doesn't have victorias secret.. it's okay I know you must have your own favorite lotion!

    4. Fee said...

      It's so nice of you to add more and link all of us! :)

    5. ipehishere said...

      aww u link it . thank you . :)

    6. ladymishel said...

      wow! thanks for sharing the list of participants and I love the additional treats =)

    7. Risyaa♥ said...

      aww I'm theree YAYY^^

    8. Nix said...

      i love reading your blog coz of the music :))

    9. haha. the music was the first thing my sister noticed. She's trying to play it on the piano now.

      Oh. I don't have a link though. I'm Ma. Luisa- heres my blog-


    10. Salina said...

      Sorry my blog is http//salinaxox@blogspot.com :)

    11. Monica said...

      those are all the participants, or just the ones who have blogs?
      i entered the giveaway, but i don't have a blog...am i still in this?
      I would love to have a chance, it's a wonderfull giveaway! :)

    12. Anonymous said...

      Aw you're real sweet to put up all those links AND go out to get some more goodies?! Wow. Blown away by your generosity!

    13. Ritz said...

      i have joined the contest! ^^ my name is Ritzchelle.. hope u got my application


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