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  1. I got a new layout! The last one was becoming too boxy, as in squarish, with many sharp corners and I feel it was like literally 'poking' my eyes! Yes I'm being silly, giving myself excuse to change a new layout lol I am also thinking of changing my profile picture. My sis have been telling me 'blue' is definitely not my colour, nor my blog colour. Totally agreed, because I'm a pink gal~

    So nothing change on the widgets, but just a few changes on the positions:

    • Elle Darlings (followers) are on the LEFT
    • Elle Chat (chatbox) is on the LEFT
    • Elle Twit (twitter) is on the LEFT
    • Elle Music is on the RIGHT (I'm doing a poll through nuffnang where to off or on it, please vote!)
    I can't seem to get my animated cloud tag working, even with different browsers. I'm currently using google chrome, yeah finally migrated from maxthon because trying to keep up with technology. But I still very much miss my mouse click and drag!

    SO bought lots of dvds, so these few days will be couching on the sofa enjoying my True Blood Season 2, Criminal Minds Season 5, Dollhouse Season 2, Fringe Season 1 & 2, Sons of Anarchy Season 1 & 2, and lots more! Don't worry, I will be tallying up the total entries for my April Giveaway. Come back to know who is the winner ya~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 15 kisses & hugs:

    1. Love it!So girly and lovely.Waiting for the winner!!!

    2. Willz said...

      i ♥ the header.

    3. Dina (XYYan) said...

      love the new layout! so pretty~

    4. coffretgorge said...

      i like the plaid pattern, reminds me of a top i have. haha :P

    5. Stephanie said...

      oh i love it!!

    6. Nix said...

      i like it :)

    7. Uinisan said...

      Man, I totally missed your 1kilo giveaway booo~~~ Sorry I have been gone for like ever~~~ I'm loving the new look too btw... I promise to be more organised with the blogging... just don't have time... deary me~~~

      Hope all is well with you... actually wanted to catch up with you and some other Melb bloggers before I left for Korea but it wasn't meant to be... Better luck next time hehehehe...

    8. Anonymous said...

      The new layout looks fabulous! It's very refreshing!
      I bet you'll have a great time watching all those great shows!

    9. Anonymous said...

      很用心的blog,推推哦 ........................................

    10. Blair said...

      I adore your new layout!!! <3 pinks :)

      I think I got those applicators from sasa? I'm not sure, sorry, but I think they are sold in sasa :)

    11. Hi Elle! Thanks for your sweet comment. =D I am in love with your new layout. So girly and cute! I heart pink too...hee hee.

    12. stellarvixen said...

      you R a couch potatohhhh
      looked at all those series line up waiting for ya! hehe

      i adore your new layout!
      helpppp meeee too! hehehe
      sweeet pink checkered
      everything looks soo edible hehe

    13. Tann said...

      Hi..! thanks for following my blog.. soon, I will review 10 Indonesian Hotties.. lol!!
      You must not believe there are so many potential guys here.. =9
      I love your banner.. You see my banner? I made in snappy and rush, now I am still looking (and making) the perfect banner for my blog layout.. *kiss


    14. Miu said...

      oh love ur new layout!!! this is totaly u!

    15. cushycottage said...

      omg....you watched so many series? i need to start watching another series since LOST is ending soon :( how's fringe? same writer.

      cute layout! no more stripes frenzy?

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