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  1. Drum roll please...drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    "Ipeh P from Lollibunnie"

    Congrats, Ipeh! Please email me your address by May 5th 2010, so that I can send it swiftly to you. To others, everyone is still a winner, do not fret, there are still many wonderful giveaways out there in the blog world. Thank you everyone for your sportingness to join my giveaway, but most importantly, thank you for being who you are and share my passion in blogging and the beauty world! Without all your support, there is just no fun, so give yourself a wonderful pat on the shoulder as you all have made a blogger gal pal (moi) very happy!

    • Special blog award from elle
    • Acmedica products
    • Japanese Mooks competition
    • Lots more haul~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. stellarvixen said...

      woohoo! congratz to IPEH!
      1kg worth of goodiess

      ELLE you are too kind~~
      looking forward for your next post!

    2. dor said...

      Congrats lucky winner.

    3. clover said...


      congratz to ipeh, that lucky ducky!!!

      thanks for holding such an awesome giveaway :] :]

    4. Tann said...

      AH!! my bestie next door who win..! lucky you.. don't forget to try the prize with me. lol

    5. stellarvixen said...

      Elle Oneechan,
      Chicago musical play was saucy & raunchy LOL
      ohh i used picasa to edit the popsickle vendor :P
      goto effects then pick Focal Black&White to accentuate the colors in the center ;)
      neat trick eh
      i'm liking that vintage effect too!

      I'm glad you find the Blue Longchamp lively..my nose tickle abit when i 1st saw it..take awhile for the ALICE BLUE to grow onto me :P

      Give mum a holler! how about Shangri-la's high Tea for mother's day?

    6. Anonymous said...

      Oh congrats to the winner! ^^

    7. ipehishere said...

      OMGGGGGGGGGG!!! i WON?? *shock to the max * lol
      thank youuuu :D

    8. Heather! said...

      Congrats Ipeh P!! :D

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