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  1. Bows, Lots of Pics

    Jan 16, 2010

    Who is up for some bow-fest? Well, I admit I am overly crazy over stripes and checks, and now I have to confess, I am also fanatically obsessed with bows! Here is just a sample of my accessories, which I love to adorned them on a daily basis. Oh yeah, pearls are part of bows ok!

    Up close: Other than the white long pearls, all of these I got around A$3-A$5 (I'm a bargain hunter!) The head band was only A$2! I have seen many shops selling for A$10+. I am very patient when it comes to buying because I know there is always places that offer much much cheaper ^^ Well, this motto does not work on skincare or makeup of course!
    I have bought lots of ribbons recently (found this art & crafty shop just about 7km away from home) that sell all sorts of ribbons! And I will start a project of making bows in brooches form, so that I can either pin it on me hair, bags, tops, shoes!

    I tried my best on my obsolete phone camera to show you, bows is the trend in 2010!

    This is VIVI magazine, and I think it's from China/Taiwan (I can't read chinese so I'm not sure the symbol is yuan or rmb?) It is January 2010 issue and lots of bows in it! But before the bows, let me show you that this mag is talking abt my Lunasol Eye Base hehe!

    Get Ready? Set? GO! Careful, lots of pics!

    Bags with Bows

    Now to accessories!

    Even tops can have bows!

    Enjoy! Hope this give you gals some inspiration ^^

    Next: Jurlique Conditioner Review
    With Love, Elle

  2. 25 kisses & hugs:

    1. Popcorn said...

      I love the bow necklaces that you have!!!! especially the black one! <3 it!!!

    2. Catherine said...

      Hehehe, I love bows!! I love your idea of DIYing it too! I'm totally gonna hunt me down some ribbon. :D

    3. Tammy said...

      Oooh I'm such a sucker for anything with bows LOL --but what a good idea! I want to have a DIY bow project too hehehe

    4. kuri♥ayu said...

      how cute! i lurveeeee bows lol~ and big ones for your hair too ;p

    5. I am crazy about bows too!

    6. Penelope said...

      I love anything with a bow on it! Great necklaces you've got there, I especially love the bow with the cream pearl!

    7. freshelle said...

      the bows are super cute! i love wearing things with bow on them because they make me feel so girly haha

    8. Stacieee said...

      the bows are super cute! I just have trouble matching it with my clothes without looking like a kid lol

    9. Hi Elle, Love all your bow accessories, they're all so sweet :)

    10. NottyEvil said...

      i'm normally not a big fan of bows... except the studded bow bracelet that i recently found ;) perhaps bows or ruffles are just tooooo cuties for my style haha...

      thanks for dropping by, yes please feel free to link my posting to your 'bow special' x

    11. coffretgorge said...

      YAY! i love bows too! :)

    12. Ooh gotta love bows! ~3~

    13. cushycottage said...

      love your bow collection. sth girly to spice up the look. love the diamond accent bow necklace :)

    14. Hey sweets! Yup, yup Stila's got a "Contouring Trio" palette. ;)

    15. I love ribbons too! ^^ My fave trend for 2010! That ribbon with pearl necklace is so cute! ^^

    16. Blair said...

      I love bows and ribbons!!!

    17. En エヌ said...

      Bows seem to be really in this season! All of the clothes I recently bought have bows and ribbons on them, too. =) I love the beige handbag in your previous post. Very lovely.

      Those necklaces are a total steal!

    18. Ahhhhh~! Loved this post on bows and a hint of pearls too!!

    19. Oops, got too excited and forgot to say that your accessories are wayy cute. I don't know if it's your thing or not.. but if you can, please put an outfit together showing how to wear those kinds of necklaces!!

    20. Savvy Gal said...

      I am a bow and ruffle girl. xo

    21. NV Beauty said...

      Wow, I had no idea bows were so "in"! I saw a cute bow necklace and ring in an AVON magazine lately. Maybe I'll check them out!

    22. MilknCookiie said...

      I also love bows! Every time I go shopping with Cookiie and she sees something with bows on it she would automatically show it to me. LOL. I also love polka dots, crowns and stars. @_@;

      ♥ Milk

    23. Wow - bows galore!

    24. Meme said...

      I love bow also, but I don't think i can sport it as good on my head, but the necklaces might LOL...

    25. Casey said...

      Hi! I wanted to come by and thank you for following my blog!

      ps...I love bows :)

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