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  1. More presents for Elle! I have a lovely package from my sis (she knows I adore bows!) and I got an eyebrow voucher at Benefit counter! Also Benefit BAD gal liner waterproof pencil eyeliner and some samples!

    I've used this a few days now and it hardly smudge, it's fantastic for waterline lashes especially on my bottom eye. I can create a very clean dramatic eyes with this. Opps I got to go sharpen it now!

    My dad loves his starbucks mug and he made me a member, too! Now I get $2 off for my coffee everytime at starbucks, thanks dad! My mum got me some earrings, phone charms and a heart brooch. Thanks mum! (oh yeah I did some swatch of the Benefit eyeliner on my hands earlier hehe)

    Alright, I tried to do a pink and grey combination here, I lurve both colours and saw it somewhere that this is do-able and can be beautiful, but of coz done expertly by a professional! I did my best as an enthusiast hehe and here is what I used for my  eyes:

    I used Lunasol Eye Base as eye primer, follow by a dash of Kanebo T'estimo silver glitters, then follow by the famous Jill Stuart jelly  pink e/s on the entire eyelids. Then with my e.l.f e/s brush, I used the pink from Shu Uemura palette on the inner eyes, and a darker pink from the Pop Beauty Day-to-Night palette. For the outer corner of my eyes, I used the grey from  Pop Beauty.
    Then of coz my new Benefit eyeliner pencil, and a line of gold shimmer from the Shu Uemura with my flat head brush (lurves this brush!) on top of the black eyeliner. Lastly, Kate mascara for upper eyelashes and Dejavu Fiberwig for lower and corner lashes. Phew..here is what my eyes look like ('cuse the bad camera >.<):

    With sunlight, no flash
    With flash

    I really like how the grey kinda make a contour for my eyes, as I am nil on eye socket haha Well, this is incomparable with the gals out there doing fantastic EOTDs (don't every stop, as I get inspiration from you gals!) I rather learn from bloggers than models because I think it's more real and I can relate to it better than looking at magazines of models.

    Next post: Giveaway is 1kg as Elle added more goodies!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 7 kisses & hugs:

    1. ipehishere said...

      omg i just made starbucks card today! :))
      haha nice we could go to starbucks together next time ! :D

    2. PixyEla said...

      Happy belated birthday Elle!! :) Nice gifts you got, hope you had a nice time celebrating. I totally agree with you, I'm mono-eyelid too and I'd rather take advice from bloggers than models anyday!!

      Take care,
      Pam xo

    3. Hi lovely!
      How have you been? I've been MIA from the blog world for awhile, but I'm back for a bit. hehe.

      Happy be-lated birthday!! Very fabulous gifts. Looks like you had an awesome birthday. =)

      I luv Starbuck's lattes. hehe

    4. stellarvixen said...

      I LOVEEE your post!
      ALAS EOTD from you~~ the waiting was worth it *hehe pink&gray is versatile for everybody~~ very nicely crafted!!

      happy birthday!!! This is your month afterall~~ i will be giving a shoutout of your giveaway in my post later ;) !!

      i wanna see more of this kinda post !! lol

    5. Melissa said...

      Hi, just popped in to let you know that I nominated you for an I Love Your Blog Award! Take a look at:


      to see it :)

      Melissa x

    6. cushycottage said...

      happy birthday again!!! very pretty EOTD. lots of color combo.

      lovely post and lovely gifts. i still owe you one. hehe....i'll send it to you once i've settled down a bit. email me your addy.

    7. kuri♥ayu said...

      Happy Birthday!!! and such a pretty eotd! <3 btw thanks for the message~, i'm coming back soon :)

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