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  1. So what does a gal like me, turn 30 recently, wants to preserve my looks, do? Fortunately, the blogging world has this babe, Tammy @ Plusizekitten, who knows just what's good for me! She introduces me to the Life Code Anti-Aging International Berhad at KL, to have the chance to enjoy their products this coming Sunday 16th May (phew, 19th May is SO birthday!). 

    Checking out their website, I am super interested in their Life Code Miracle ST (Super Tourmaline) Rejuvenation Therapy! They have innovated the tanning facility to lighten the skin shades giving radiant skin back to us. Now, I have gotten much darker these past months, migrating to a country that is always full of sunshine and on the road (my hands are much much darker than my entire body >.<) so I can't wait to review the results later for you all.

    So, the wonderful babe Tammy has gotten 11 of her followers a 30 mins session in the ST House. That's not it!  Life Code who's also an Anti-Aging beauty specialist will hold a skincare workshop along with a makeover demo for the us. There will be light food refreshments available and a generous skincare starter kit worth RM250 for us girls to try at home thanks to Life Code's product trainer, Chris. 

    BioTRA™ Skin Care Series - Create miracle in 3 to 15 minutes

    Natural Organic Makeup – Make-up and Skin Care All-in-One

    This comes purrfect timing, coz since I came to reside in KL, I have yet to find a suitable facial place for myself. I've tried a few disastrous ones (I just told those ladies there to f**k off >.< this will be another post, long story). So wish me luck, Let me try out this place, and hope I will be their long time customer~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. Miu said...

      mygawd.... F**K off? which facial saloons?! DO SHARE! this is so interesting.. lol....

      thanks for blogging about this! :D

    2. ipehishere said...

      omg my hand also the most darker entire my body T_T. soo hard if live in area that always sun in 365 days ..
      hehe good luck on trying new facial place (:

      btw i sent u email my address :D

    3. 士松 said...


    4. stellarvixen said...

      elle oneechan!!
      let's pamper ourselves!
      we will be going together neh *hugss

      wanna get a good sauna!detox and freebiess

    5. Good luck Elle! Hope this works well for you :)

    6. MizzJ said...

      Ooh let us know how it goes, I would be very interested to see if these products work!

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