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  1. What is in Elle bag?

    Oct 30, 2009

    Just for fun, as I see this trend in the bloggers world, I'll like to share what's in my bag:

    I'm using a JPG black hobo shoulder bag (I find it very similar to Jimmy Choo & Alexander Wang designs). I love Coach, and my sis got me this brown Coach scarf which is too tiny for my big neck, so I tied it on my handbag.

    It's a roomy bag, so I got lots of stuffs. My MNG black shiny long wallet with a designer inspired LV teddy bear and a bling bling from my mum. Coach pink sunnies, ciggy with lighter (I like my own ciggy box, where the lid pops open with a thumb press), chewies to freshen up my breath and whitens my teeth, Esprit pencil case (pens are very handy to write things down), Catherine Manuell coin purse (Aussie designer, got my laptop bags from it as well), car keys, Agner parfum hand cream, dettol hand sanitiser, tissues, Smiggle business card holder (going to change this to a Gucci from Numero November issue!) and a makeup kit.

    My Givenchy make up kit is too small I reckon. I got this as a GWP, and I just got to have it because it is in stripes! Oh my passport holder is also in a stripe holder! So I got Paul & Joe compact powder, The Body Shop paper blotters (I prefer the Clean & Clear blue paper but it's discontinue in Australia), YSL dark red lippy, Dior pink & red lip glosses, Bourjois nude lippy, chapstick, Hugo Boss Woman and Lancome Zen perfume vials, a mini kawaii mirrow, and a few individually toothpicks. Things in this makeup kit are always updated according to what I need to use throughout the day.

    I think toothpicks are essential as I don't want anything get stuck in between my teeth! And not all cafes offer them to patrons. I have plenty of band aids as well in my long wallet as I'm a clumsy klutz and if I buy new shoes on an impulse, I can wear them straightaway! What's missing in my bag is my mobile, but this is my only camera. So I uses a mirror to capture it. I'm using a Nokia N95 8GB, with Coach charms hanging from it. My SO refuse to use my phone because it's too girly with the charms!

    So there you go gals, boring bits about Elle bag! Next coming post, I've been accumulating 2 gifts for my readers as I've reach 50 Darlings'! I apologise for the delay becoz it's been a hectic these weeks, just disconnected from one broadband provider to another >.< I promise my giveaway will be up by November!

    xoxo elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 14 kisses & hugs:

    1. Elle! I have the same problem with my hubby too. he refuses to touch my laptop cause it has hello kitty stickers all over the keyboard.. hehehe !! I see some tea tree oil blotters :)

    2. Zoe said...

      I love ur bag , it's very pretty esp.the design and color^^..u have such cool sun glasses..nice things in ur bag^^

    3. Dina (XYYan) said...

      wow, great to see what's inside your bag! i'm using the same blot sheet!

    4. Uinisan said...

      Hey Elle,
      It's Winnie hehehe... OMG you wouldn't believe but I had planned for a what's in my bag post soon too...you got to it earlier than I did hahahaah.. I love looking into ppl's bag (peeky peeky). I cannot live without my hand sanitizer these days ... coz places are so gross bleh~~~ and I love your hobo bag!!!

    5. hey it was nice peeking into your bag ;)
      I know what u mean about toothpicks! Most of the time something gets stuck in my teeth n it's really annoying when u I don't have a toothpick handy :S
      From experience,if they're kept loosely inside your bag, they'll poke holes and tear the lining, so better to contain them :)


    6. @Blovet - lol guys probly think we do it on purpose, kawaii-ing our stuffs ;p

      @Zoe - i luv my sunnies too~ bot it at outlet sale A$50!! so lucky to have it in pink!!

      @Dina - this bodyshop paper blotter is not my 1st choice, i want the clean&clear blue film >.<

      @Uinisan - gr8 mind think alike! ^^ i cant wait to c wat u have too hehe yeah i cant live w/o my sanitiser also, but i do get funny stares when i take it out to use

      @Cynthia - so true abt those toothpick, yay i do have a holder for them..me dad think im quite the uncivilised to bring toothpick around, but i dont see him complaining when i offer him one to pick out the vege from his tooth lol

      xoxo elle

    7. amynaree said...

      Hi Elle! thanks for sharing your bag, everything in there is so cute!

      the coach scarf and charms are so pretty

    8. ~Lisa said...

      Oh I love to see what's in other people's bags! Love the coach sunglasses and the charms on your phone! ^.^

      Follow me?

    9. Tine said...

      Thanks for sharing what's in your bag! :)

    10. Thank you so much. Hannah just really does not like me and i don't know what i have done.
      I definatley reccomend EcoTools but a detailed review will be up this weekend. There are some brushes you need to stay away from but mainly a great deal.

    11. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your looks very stylish hehe! I'm a new follower now =P

    12. MizzJ said...

      Love these type of posts! You have a lot of stuff in that bag! The toothpicks are a cool idea actually.

    13. Anonymous said...

      Gorgeous bag! I love seeing what people carry in their bags. You seem to have a lot of beautiful things!

    14. KMc said...

      Dettol! Cool. I learned about this brand after moving to Saudi. Being a germophobic, all things Dettol quickly became my BFFs. I've always used hand sanitizer and never had probs finding it until the whole H1N1 thing happened. Now, it's always sold out here. Good thing I stock up. ;-)

      Btw, I just love how you tied that fabulous scarf onto your bag!

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