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  1. What is Going On?
    This is my 1st giveaway goodies, and I can promise you many more to come! For this giveaway, I am trying to make my goodies suitable for many (so I have crossed out foundations and skincare items atm, due to various shades and skin types). All items in this giveaway goodies box is Brand New! There are two goodies bag that I am giving away!
    Who can Get This?
    Above 18 years of age, have a real postal address (strictly no PO BOX addy), residence of Earth (sorry Martians, next time ok)
    How to Get This?
    Very easy and here are the must rules:
    1. Be a follower of my blog.
    2. Answer this question "A beauty junkie means..?" (be super crazy & creative with your answers!)
    These are the interesting optional conditions to get extra chance (+1 for any checks):
    1. Bloggers: Post my giveaway in your blog, comment your link together with your above answer.
    2. Bloggers: Grab my button (on the left sidebar) put on your sidebar, comment your blog url together with above answer.
    3. Twitterians: Follow my twitter here and RT "here is a beauty junkie giveaway @wifluvelle", comment your twitter name/status together with above answer.
    4. Email me a picture that represents 'Beauty Junkie' (files in jpg only, max 100kb - please resize). I'll create a collage with all entries!
    All raffles will be put in a box for a real lucky draw! I draw out the lucky winner on 30th November 2009, so it is really worth it to do the optional conditions to get higher chance of being pick out! If my followers exceed 99 (lucky number), it's only fair I will gather more giveaway goodies, so stay tune!

    1st Goody: Clarin Instant Smooth Primer, L'Occitane Shower Cream, Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blotting Tissues, Etude House Eyeshadow, Red Earth Eye Shadow, Moschino Key Chain, Brown Fake Lashes, Jewel Casing

    2nd Goody: Estee Lauder Eyes & Brows Brushes, Biore Daily Scrub, FairTrade Lemon Lip Balm, L'Occitane Body Lotion, FCUK Key Chain, BeneFit Dr Feel Good Balm (mini), MAC Sponge Disc, 2 x Unuco Eyeshadows

    PS: Please only leave 1 comment per person, so that it is easier for me to sum up all entries. YES, this is an international giveaway! Good luck everyone and I can't wait for ya creative answers to my questions!
    [Edit] Thanks for entering! Luv your answers! Really fun reading them, hope others enjoy as well! Just for fun, my answer: "A beauty junkie means..naming her dog Jill Stuart and her cat M.A.C, and owns at least 1 item from every beauty brands from A to Z" ^^
    With Love, Elle

  2. 44 kisses & hugs:

    1. A beauty junkie means getting heart palpitations when seeing new products. ;)

    2. Angela said...

      A beauty junkie means spending the last dollar on that eyeshadow I really want....LOL

      I blogged about your giveaway here

      I also put your button my my sidebar

      I also rewitted

      And I also e-mailed you a picture

    3. Calia Yang said...

      Hiya sweetheart! I'm a follower.

      A beauty junkie means prowling for your next beauty purchase and lusting over the beauty products you wish you could get. You also hoard over your own stash (even if you have NEVER opened an item). You also upkeep your knowledge about what's HOT and what's NOT.

      blog post: http://misscaliayang.blogspot.com/2009/11/elles-first-giveaway.html

      Button: is on my "BLINKIE" sidebar (you can see it when you check my blog post)

      twitter post:

      will be emailin' you a picture soon. ^_^

    4. rhaindropz said...

      A beauty junkie means.. there is more makeups than storages!!!

      i followed you on twitter: rhaindropz

      and spread the word here

      thanks and godbless..

    5. Uinisan said...

      1) I'm definitely a follower!!!

      2) A beauty junkie means you are weak to the urges and temptations from all other beauty bloggers going on and on about all the new makeup and skincare. It also means you're a follower of all pretty things in life which makes you happy by just owning them.

      3) Giveaway posted here: http://uinisan.blogspot.com/2009/11/great-giveaway-from-elle.html

      4) Ur button is here: http://uinisan.blogspot.com

    6. A beauty junkie is one who instinctively slows down her car while passing a drug store and wonders whether to stop for a quick BOGO haul.

      I spread the word about your blog here:

      I have also put your button on my right side bar.

      I will email you soon with a picture of a beauty junkie!

    7. Evil Angel said...

      A beauty junky is one who enjoys beautification to the extreme, adores cosmetics, fashion and all things that sparkle and shine!

    8. luckyfinds said...

      A beauty junkie is one who splurges on beauty sales and whose closet is overflowing of UNOPENED makeup and beauty products like mine =)

      I follow your blog and reposted this entry plus your button at http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com

    9. Dina (XYYan) said...

      A beauty junkie means you can't stop looking at more makeups and buy them even though you already have more than one with similar colours...

      i post on my sidebar: http://xyyan.blogspot.com

      grab your button: http://xyyan.blogspot.com

      follow you on twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/DinaEstyXu/status/5386724888

    10. Amarena said...


      For me beauty junkie means that you are alway in a search of new makeup, you understand the rules of putting your makeup on and you never go out without a bit of MU.

      I did post about your giveaway on my blog. Check it out: http://amarenasblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/some-great-giveaways-from-bloggers.html

      my mail: amarena87@gmail.com

    11. hey hunny
      obviously i'm a follower of your blog, duh! :D
      a beauty junkie means spending the money on beauty producs insteas of food
      i posted about your giveaway on my blog: http://maria-aston.blogspot.com/2009/10/all-giveaways.html and on twitter (http://twitter.com/herchenm/status/5388593586 my name is herchenm)

      ~ http://maria-aston.blogspot.com

    12. Marisa said...

      Hello, i'm a new follower, so i'm adding you im my blog :)

      There's my entry for this giveaway:
      "A beauty junkie means getting a hangover everytime i miss make-up shopping !"
      And my addicional entries :)

      - I posted in my blog here --> http://glowmake-up.blogspot.com/2009/11/novos-sorteios-na-blogosfera.html

      - i posted the button on the right side of my blog, here --> http://glowmake-up.blogspot.com/

      - i e-mailed you a photo, under the subject of "Giveaway picture - GlowMakeUp"

      Tks for the opportunity

    13. Loira said...

      Hey! New follower here =P
      Here's my thingy:

      A beauty junkie means
      that make-up will be first
      that vanity is one of your sins
      and beauty is your thirst!


    14. abbyland said...

      A beauty junkie means you can lose at least 20 mininutes of yourself anywhere makeups sold.

      For instance, I can't visit a dollar store, a grocery store, let alone a makeup store; without spending at least 20 minutes staring and checking out everything.

      It also gets bad when you can recognize what everyone else is wearing

    15. freshelle said...


      beauty junkie to me means loving something that's uniquely made for us gorgeous ladies!

    16. kuri♥ayu said...

      A beauty junkie means... spending your paycheck at Sephora and worrying about rent later~

    17. ~Lisa said...

      I am a follower!!

      1. A beauty junkie means purchasing an item and coming home to find that you already have it!

      2. I've posted about your giveaway here

      3. Twitter Name: xMaterialGirlsx
      Retweeted here:

      4. I've emailed you a picture already.

      FOUR entries in total!

    18. Janine said...

      me be a google follower!!!

      posted about ur giveaway on my blog


      beauty junkie? person who reads beauty blogs at midnight and wishes there were a 24 hour sephora open!! lol (but is actually serious, rofl)

    19. evie said...

      A beauty junkie means to horde makeup even though you have more than enough, to be able to no blink an eye when you spend a bomb on them but you would not bear to part that same amount of money on other things. And would rather starve than get that IT product! XD

      thanks for having this giveaway!

    20. Nina said...

      A beauty junkie is someone who can't get enough of makeup and other skin stuff. She has tons of subscriptions to beauty blogs, and can't get enough watching makeup videos on youtube!

      My post:


      I also grabbed your button.

      I also follow you on twitter and tweeted:


      irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

    21. Curtney Anne said...

      I'm a new follower.

      A beauty junkie is someone who fits in all her make-up dresser items in one bag.

      curtneysison at gmail dot com

    22. Lilly said...

      A beauty junkie means someone who buys make up just because the package is cute ^^
      Thanks for the giveaway!!!
      eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

    23. ♥ mia said...

      new follower here :)

      a beauty junkie is someone who just has to buy one lil something everytime she enters a beauty shop.. and gets totally bummed out when she goes home empty handed! which rarely happens, lol

      posted ur giveaway here: http://kikaymia.blogspot.com/2009/11/blogger-giveaway-november.html

      RT: http://twitter.com/mhiagurl/statuses/5498063895

    24. JustJenny said...

      being a beauty junkie is when you can stay up till 12pm even thought u have school at 7am just washing your makeup brushes and treating them like children ahah

    25. "A beauty junkie means we go nuts for all things skin and cosmetic related! I think u know when u are a beauty junkie when you can't walk pass a drugstore without popping in to take a look at what's new or just to check beauty stuff for the 90383th time. Being a beauty junkie means skipping meals to save up forn the most beautiful palette you have ever laid eyes on, till u find another :> hee hee
      *Blogged about ur giveaway*

    26. Curtney said...

      posted your blog button at

      curtneysison at gmail dot com

    27. daisymay said...

      Im a new follower!
      And a beauty junkie means...You have every possible shade of eyeshadow possible, a draw overflowing with samples and products and yet still seem to be on the hunt for that perfect elusive mascara or lipgloss (which you will probably never find but shall have fun on the way to finding it)

    28. babalisme said...

      Beauty junkie is remembering the codes and names of every mac eye shadows shades ever existed by heart, yes, including the limited edition.

    29. yuki*chan said...

      hihi i am a follower of you blog :)

      a beauty junkie means a person who loves beauty, doesnt care what anyone else thinks of how she styles herself, she is confident in herself and doesn't doubt her perception of beauty

      your contest reblogged on my blog :)

    30. Manju said...

      a beauty junkie is somone who gets off on lipgloss haha
      new follower yayy ;)

    31. Katy Wilko said...

      A beauty junkie means when someoen talks/writes about a product and you immediately want/need it and go out to buy it straight away :)

    32. Tammy said...

      Hi Elle! I'm posting your giveaway on my blog :)

      To me, a beauty junkie means someone who... when your bf asks you to bring out the camera on a road trip to take a picture of his little cousin he sees only once a year, you have to sheepishly admit you've put your compact foundation in the camera case in the camera's stead because you didn't want your compact to get scratched in your bag...

      hahaha thanks for hosting the giveaway elle! :)

    33. Vanilla said...

      haha a beauty junkie means,skinny body,ugly clothes,super thick makeup because all spree goes to makeup
      hunney,this is my blogpost
      wish me luck

    34. myrissa said...

      hello elle! thanks for the great giveaway!

      1. a follower (myrissa)
      A beauty junkie means wanting to try every beauty brands and colors available in this world!!

      2. http://pretty-thingy.blogspot.com/2009/11/elle-1st-giveaway-goodies.html

      3. http://pretty-thingy.blogspot.com

      4. a follower on twitter and RTed http://twitter.com/myrissa_

      5. emailed! *myrissa.brown@gmail.com*


    35. Jennifer said...

      HI! im a follower and would love to enter this!

      being a beauty junkie means you're always the first to know which brand comes out with the newest collections and memorize the names of the new shades and check if they're LE, lol!!

      reposted here:

      thanks so much!


    36. Daituf said...

      Hey Elle,
      I would like to enter this contest, but your follow button doesn't seem to work :(
      I'll submit an entry anyway. And hopefully, if you can fix the button, I can become a follower and qualify...

      Being a beauty junkie means you have every lipstick in every color, but it's still not enough...it's never enough...:D

      I've posted about this in my blog sidebar:

      Thanks Elle!

    37. a beauty junkie is someone who spazzes about a release of a new product. Who actually waits for the darn thing to come out. One who buys the whole collection but then only end up using like 2 flippin compacts. THANKS ALOT ETUDE HOUSE SPRING 09@!!! and Of course the money comes from spending little to none on college supplies and of course!!!!! starving yourself for that make up forever pallete! which I will get trust me!

    38. Anonymous said...

      A beauty junkie is someone who reads beauty blogs instead of writing an 40% essay due reaaaaal soon. Yup, not talking about me though... nope! ;p

      Blog: http://orangeinsanity.livejournal.com/217044.html

      Tweet: http://twitter.com/orangeinsanity/status/6133475041

    39. Eva said...

      hi thanks for the giveaway!

      being a beauty junkie means everytime you walk past the cosmetics/skincare aisle you can't help but stop and pick something up haha!

    40. Esmeraldaa said...

      a beauty junkie to me is someone who believes in cosmetic diversity, not prejudice to price or brand :) but ready to try everything.


    41. Kittenish said...

      A beauty junkie means being addicted to lip gloss and giving the nearest Sephora as her emergency contact.

      Extra Chance 1: posted giveaway in my blog

      Extra Chance 2: placed button in sidebar

      Extra Chance 3: follow you on Twitter (kittenishcutie) and tweeted

    42. stellarvixen said...

      phew am not too late!!
      hehe here goes my shoutout!

      a beautyjunkie is someone who walks into any malls and knows the directory location of every single makeup counters!! oh yea i know my map of every malls..LOL and never fails to check her makeup-do at every single reflection she come across purrrfecct kakakaka


    43. KMc said...

      Hi Elle!

      I can't enter your fab giveaway as I have a PO box address...:(

      But just for fun...A Beauty Junkie in Sephora is like a kid in a candy shop-eyes wide open, heart skipping many beats, a silly huge smile, and full of happy excitement! ;-)

    44. Gabriela said...

      A beauty junkie is a person who thinks about makeup, clothes, cosmetics... 1000 times a day. She knows more than 100 brands and most of them products.
      It`s incredible how many names we store in our mind without realizing it.

      I follow you on Twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/ConBdeBelleza/status/6173559274

      I posted on my blog: http://conbdebelleza.blogspot.com/2009/11/sorteos-en-bitacoras.html

      I`m going to email you with my picture. My email is: conbdebelleza(at)gmail(dot)com

      Thanks for the giveaway!

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