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  1. Got myself a chatbox!

    Oct 14, 2009

    I got myself a chatbox finally! I was actually not sure to get it or not, because I just love blogging (as you can see I already have numerous post in such a short time!) and putting a chatbox I don't want to offend my readers if I reply them late! Anyhoo, I decided it is the best way to remind me what I'm missing as well! LoL

    Actually I got tons waiting to upload, but my internet connection is abit dumb at the moment (arghh). And I've been reading on so many other blogs out there, that I kinda neglect to post my own blog! Do you gals feel what my dilemma is? tee hee~

    A few things I will have to do, to this luvly blog of mine. I want to get a 3 column template, as I think my right sidebar is getting a wee tad too long! Well, just my own opinion anyway. I really like this theme, as its pinkish and feminine, but a it definitely canot be revamp into a 3 column blog (coz I don't know how..>.<). So currently I'm busy looking for a nice 3 column template..=_=|||

    Posts coming up:
    • Swatch on Pop Beauty and Stila
    • Fairtrade products that I recently got from Cosmetic-Candy
    • Tag on Over-The-Top-Award (I find this extremely hard, becoz we bloggers tend to be very descriptive and long winded..ONE word???)
    • My 1st upcoming international giveaway (50 followers soon~) very very excited
    • 10 tips to stay poor
    This post already take 4 hours to write, because I was reading so many other nice blogs! And I click on ads! LoL anyone waiting for the movie 2012? I just saw the trailer and it's gonna be huge! xoxo elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 5 kisses & hugs:

    1. freshelle said...

      tips to stay poor. LOVE IT. lol

    2. Tammy said...

      i just bursted out laughing at your 10 tips to stay poor point...as though beauty bloggers need points on that elle! hahah

      yay on your chatbox! i only don't like spammers on it :/

    3. ~Lisa said...

      Yay! Chatboxes. Yours looks so pwetty!!

      LOL! 10 tips to stay poor. I think we all know how to do that HEHE

      Please visit my blog at www.xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com

    4. Blair said...

      10 tips to stay poor? LOL

    5. lol after the recent hauls (eg sasa free shiping, beautycrunch, sephora) what a month of goodies! then i check my balance aiks! i know the coming tips are useless but its da truth!

      xoxo elle
      ps: watdya think of my 3 column blog?

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