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  1. Friday Poll

    Oct 9, 2009

    For fun, I will like to do an every Friday Poll (blogging is sooo addictive!) to my readers. No prize, just sharing ideas and life. So basically I will just ask some questions and you can share it with me in the comments section. Easy~ Usually the poll will be something relative to my week.
    1. Makeup item hitting the pan: My Red Earth foundation compact powder just hit the pan! I started it in May, use it every alternate day, so it's a 6 months lifespan. It's abit thin, don't you think?
    2. Last purchase: Natio brush pouch with zipper $5! I bought it not because I need a pouch or it's cheap. I wanted the pencil sharpener that comes with it! Now it means I can spend more on eyebrow pencils, liners, etc. Also, it comes with Natio eyecream, mascara and pencil black eyeliner! Not bad for $5 yeah!
    3. What's on youtube..: As I just got my little pug Dory, I have been obsessed on the youtube looking at pugs! I find that pugs tilt their heads all da time, it's like their DNA is imprint to do it, at the sound of human voice. It's just sooo supa adorable! Watch 3 pugs tilting their heads here!
    4. Just realised I don't need..: 2 drawes for my makeup but 3 drawers! This is seriously a very contradicted phrase. I need more space for my makeup stuffs, but honestly I don't use all of them! Do you gals have this problem? When did it get so much? I'm planning for a trip away, end of month, and I'm panicking what to take and what not. Argh..
    5. Makeup/Skincare brand beginning with 'A': Australis Cosmetics is very affordable. I own a palette of it for 5 years! Well, that was during my early years of not into makeup. The palette comes in 18 eyeshadow colours, with 4 blush tones and even lippies. It's so convenient for me at that time, to carry only ONE palette. Then, the unfortunate thing happen. My sisters saw it and told me to chuck it in the bin! Not sure if I did the right thing, since I splurge so much on makeup nowadays tee hee~ That action also introduced me to 'credit card' LoL
    Alrite, your turn, ladies!
    With Love, Elle

  2. 14 kisses & hugs:

    1. i've never hit pan yet:( something i aim to do pretty soon Elle

    2. Catherine said...

      Wow, I haven't hit pan on a pressed item in a really long time! I think the last thing I hit pan on was my brow powder, but it's easily got another 3 years left before I finish the whole thing.

    3. ~Lisa said...

      1. I've never hit pan on anything yet but hope I will soon!

      2. My last purchase was a Sally Hansen Ceramics Length Nail Polish in Ultra Chic

      3. The usual, makeup videos! Reviews, Tutorials, Hauls, Giveaways, etc. ^.^

      4. I just realised that I don't need this binder that I bought for school! It was $12 too. And I can't return it because I don't have the receipt. && Speaking of drawers. I don't need 3 drawers but 5!! But my current drawer is quite miniature. ^.^

      5. Annabelle! It's this Canadian company with some products comparable to MAC. Not sure if you live in Canada, but if you don't, feel free to ask and I can send you some of their products!

    4. JustJenny said...

      awesome blog
      new follower

    5. Blair said...

      I always finish my powder foundations, so I see pan pretty often haha

      I can't even remember my last mu purchase :(

      I recently upgraded my mu drawer! They were in a tiny 3 tiered drawer and now they are in a much spacier 3 tiered drawer but I'm already running out of space lol

    6. Dina (XYYan) said...

      i've only hitted pan on my Body Shop compact powder...

      P.S.: that's cool! we could hang out together! =)

    7. LOL. Your right! It does draw attention away from blemishes if you have eye makeup on!
      Thanks for your encouragment, it means a lot :)

    8. Hey Elle, Sorry to put the reply to your comment here but I couldn't locate a chat box on your blog :)

      with my hair i had it 1/2 up and clipped with one those claw clip. When you mention about the top of your head being flat, there is a product you might be interested in trying it's called Oasis's Dust it, it's a powder that creates volume, just dust it on in between the layers of your hair on your roots then rub with fingers to create volume :)

      I do that sometimes when I want really really big hair :)

    9. hevn said...

      Oooo, very nice blog!

      I'm curious, how's the red earth's foundation compact? Is it any good? how's the coverage?

      Lol, you got me interested >.<;;


    10. Tammy said...

      Hahah "Just realised I don't need..: 2 drawes for my makeup but 3 drawers!"--that's what I like to hear!!! :)

    11. thanks everyone, for taking the time to read my post tee hee~
      yes everyone needs MORE space for our makeup n skincare..i wish i have the doraemon machine, where u can put in stuffs we dont need n convert it to cash! then buy more stuffs! lol
      xoxo elle

    12. Becks said...

      nice for hitting pan! your pug comments are so cute!!! lolll I've totally seen the vid with the tilting pugs before hahaha. And oh I'm not a lawyer yet, almost there though, reallllly close haha, I plan to do tax law, yep pretty standard issue boringness ;P which is why I really like makeup, it's my creative outlet :)

    13. Anonymous said...

      awww lol actually I dink alot of doggies tend to tilt their head like that..my maltese does the same =)

    14. oh my gosh i know!!
      T.B.N is soooo good
      They are so pigmented and opaque in just one coat!
      I saw the dark purple and thought it was an amazing fall colour but then decided with the fluro's cause summer is just around the corner.

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