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  1. Alrighty, I did some swatch on my beautycrunch haul (check out here!) which I bought it last month. I truly love this haul and so I want to share my review here. Since I got this purchase through cushycottage (as beautycrunch do not ship overseas), she have received it on my behalf and sent it over to me, with some extras!

    This is the Pop Beauty Day-to-Class 24 shades of eyeshadow palette, comes with a double ended brush, which is surprisingly good to use! Now, the shades are very pigmented. Not all are glitter, some are matte.

    I do luv the brush that comes with it, but its definitely not easy to put through that tiny holder (as it opens up the brush hair!) and I realise I won't get any double ended brush, because I can't put it standing up! But to compensate the brush, the eyeshadow colours just wow me! It's very versatile, and I bought this for $17, and actually I wanted the Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol 2 at $48 (check out at Sephora!). But this is still good! I can only get this at AUD$90 in Kit, so I am not complaining at all.

    This is the Stila eyeshadow in Pewter, Wheat and Mystic. For the price, I know they won't come with a proper palette. Does anyone know the diameter of it? I can get Etude House twin e/s empty palette in the city, but I don't want the SA looking at me trying to see if this fits in! And the Peony Convertible color is not 'deluxe' as it said in the web LoL but I still like it, although it will be my first experience using a cream blush! I hear many horror stories that cream blush slides off the face, is it true?

    Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser with spf 15, was something I have always wanted since discovering BeneFit High Beam. But this Stila is a steal! At full size, the entire set was $18, when this itself cost AUD$69! This gonna last me a long long time, and I will have a high high nose!

    This is another steal, Stila Black is the New Black Set at $12 when the full size smudge pot is AUD$42 alone by itself! The $5 brushes are tiny but cute, just purfect to use both with the smudge pot! There is a reason why smudge pot is in such a demand for eyeliner, it's because they don't smudge after application! Have anyone test proof this?

    Swatch! Can I use it for eyebrows?

    Extras! I wanted a black glue for my fake lashies, and cushycottage put this in for me, and as everyone knows how the oil on  my face can fry an egg, the blotters are a god send, as they are discontinued in Australia! sob sob

    Have a luvly weekend everyone! What do you think of my new 3 column template? Is it too congested? Please share your views! Hugz

    With Love, Elle

  2. 17 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy said...

      What a steal you got on your purchases! :D I really wanted to love the Stila tinted moisturizer but my skin is allergic to many, many things...I hope it works well for you though ^^
      And I don't mind the 3 columns actually...

    2. Uinisan said...

      I'm loving the eyeshadows you got... I came across some pop beauty stuff too and the array of colours they have in the one handy palette is amazing hehehe so versatile for all different sorts of looks :)

    3. Catherine said...

      Lovely haul!

    4. ~Lisa said...

      Great purchases!! Have a great time playing with your new makeup!! I need to try the Stila Illuminating TM and the Smudgepots SOON!! ^^

      Don't forget to tell us how these work for you!!

      No way!! Those oil blotting sheets are discontinued in Australia!!?!? That sucks!! Those blotting sheets are great to use. Hehe, I'll see if I remember, then I might send some over to you

      Please visit my blog at www.xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com

    5. @Tammy - yeah the tinted moisturiser seems to have some rubber synthetic smell, i dont know what ingredient they have? i'll do a patch test to see if any break out >.<

      @Uinisan - hi melb gal~ we shuld soo hangout (i was in seoul for 1yr back in 01' but i was hungry for english materials later on!) enjoy ya coming hols!

      @Catherine - thanks hun!

      @~Lisa - aw thanks gal! hugs xoxo elle

    6. blovet said...

      wow great haul!! u got stila smudge pot too!! that was one of my first creme eyeliner and that palette is super pigmented!

    7. Blair said...

      Fab haul!!! Wow, those goodies are so much cheaper in beautycrunch!

    8. kuri♥ayu said...

      what a great haul~ and thanks for all the swatches! the stila eyeshadows are gorgoeus

    9. Savvy Gal said...

      i want those stila black eyeliners now.

    10. @Blovet - how did it go? ive yet to start using hehe i dont know what im waiting for~

      @Blair - yeah thanks to MUA i got to find out! apparently the owner of Stila created beautycrunch

      @kuri♥ayu - thanks!

      @SavvyGal - i tink there is black gold the latest for stila smudge pot!

    11. KMc said...

      Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog...it's sooo fun! ;-)

    12. MizzJ said...

      Ooh that Stila illuminator looks great! Too bad it smells funky. Great haul!

    13. Savvy Gal said...

      a friend will be going to Sydney, can you give me suggestions as to where she can hit all the good shoppings and things to do???? thanks in advance.

    14. oh my.. so many beauty haul and lovely colors, too!! ^^ love them all!! ^^

    15. cushycottage said...

      glad you enjoy the package + extras. i like your new template.

    16. Sherry said...

      hi Elle, you left comment at namesherry regarding the water filter. to my friend that keep ask me to buy to them its affordable and cheap as they are working and earning more than $3K a month not yet included their side income. FOr me full time blogger with so less on income coming in and getting lesser. I cannot afford to buy one, no matter how good they says the water filter, I never forget the spare part of them if spoilt it cost so much to replace.

      sad to see they not understand my situation and insists me to buy so they can achieve their sales target then they can go on free trip.

    17. chang said...

      It's a nice blog... great blog

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