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  1. Elle's entourage

    Oct 3, 2009

    I tried to gather my pets together for a family potrait, but you know, moving animals, they are just so excited all the time, jumping up and down, it's truly hard to get them sit quietly together! So, I've managed to get my cat, Chiko, to pose for me (well, not really pose, coz he just luvs napping!).

    He is 4 years old now, he is abit tad overweight, I reckon at 4kg. My 2 little chihuahuas are much smaller than the cat tee hee~ Chiko luvs his cat milk. I need to warm the milk for 12secs in the m/w as I keep it in the fridge. Chiko will wait at the m/w and when he hears the beep (indicate that it's done), he'll start meowing me to take it out from the microwave! He got a stripey tail and I got a 'hello kitty' bell for his collar. I need to give him a loud bell (not because I need to hear where he is) but so that he doesn't kill the birds. Chiko had brought me presents before (dead sparrows and pigeons on my kitchen floor)! Therefore, the bell is for the birds safety!

    Chiko is a cross between Russian Blue & British Shorthair, so he got kinda a flat face and tends to overweight himself with dry food. I found out he is fond of chicken liver and detest any fish. He likes the dog's wet food, and the dogs like his cat food. Weird I know! I don't sleep with him, coz he purrs too loudly (like a motor prrrrrr) and my SO is allergic to cats >.< So I keep Chiko away from the bedroom.

    Here is my other entourage:

    Leo, is my 4 year old Chihuahua. I got him around the same time as Chiko. He is dark chocolate in colour, with medium coat.His favourite toy is this pink doll (bottom right). He has a defect, longish tougue, which he can't keep it inside his jaw, but he is so adorable! The vet said it will grow longer as he aged sob sob. Leo sometime thinks he is a cat, as he grew up together with Chiko. Leo will rub against my legs if he wants some luving tee hee~ and he got 2 eyebrows above his eyes aww~

    Sandy, is my 1 year old Chihuahua. She is Leo's SO! She is fawn in colour, with black marking on her back. She luvs her yellow bumble bee toy! Sandy luvs Chiko and they are best pals!

    Oscar is old, about 10+ years. He is an Australian Kelpie, so he is huge. He is a pussy, as he lets the tiny Leo and Sandy and Chiko to climb all over him. Don't get too close to Oscar, because the wag of his tail is painful! He is afraid of thunder and fireworks, so he got to come into the kitchen and hide himself under my dining table.

    I keep them outside most of the time, but they can come inside all the time, especially during winter or when it's raining. It's alot of work to keep them, with feeding and cleaning and training. But it sure makes me happy to see them when I reach home and all of them waiting for me at the gate! Well, not waiting for me, but it's dinner time.

    Let's welcome the latest member of my family, Dory the 2 months female pauppy pug!

    My SO have always  been a fan of boston terriers and pugs. So this is his little darling atm (not me >.<) and she just peed on the couch! I just joined http://www.pugslife.org/ to find out more about pugs and hope to meet other pugs lover! Come here, Dory!
    ps: we named her after the fish in 'Finding Nemo' coz Dory got big eyes and look so adorable!
    With Love, Elle

  2. 14 kisses & hugs:

    1. wuah!! they are so cuteee.. ^^ love them all.. ^^ Say my 'hello' to all of them, hehe.. =)

    2. u have such a cute cat!

    3. amynaree said...

      i love pets!! they are all so adorable :)

    4. Tammy said...

      Your pets are so cute!!!

    5. LOL, i get better light out in my garden.
      your doggy is sooo cutee

    6. MilknCookiie said...

      You're so lucky! I would LOVE to have a puppy but sadly I'm allergic to fur.

      I only have 2 turtles although one of them is really hyperactive and acts like a dog. HAHA.

      ♥ Milk

    7. Stacieee said...

      Awwww girl~ I'm a dog lover too, I have a pure bred maltese and love him to death, puppy playdates!!

    8. turtles that acts like dogs? aw i wanna see them!

      i think coz i dont have any children yet thats why i pour my luv to my pets atm. we're planning to have our 1st child in 2yrs time, so i hope my little darlings will behave by then tee hee~

      xoxo elle

    9. MizzJ said...

      Wow you have so many pets! Lucky you!

    10. My dog is the opposite. She loves fish and all types of seafood...hee hee! Love all your cutie pets. :D

    11. Eva said...

      cute doggies!!

    12. Becks said...

      omg your pets are sooooooo adorable :) My fiance had a chuwawa, he lived to a ripe 14 years hehe, but your chuwawas are SOOOO cute, esp the long hair one, Leo. LOVE THE PICS :D Thanks for sharing!!

    13. Becks said...

      Ooo I dont see anyone saying anything about Chiko - well he's adorable, I <3 him too! :D I just have two american shorthairs hehehe

    14. Miu said...


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