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  1. I have a lovely beige Samantha Thavasa bag, gifted to me by my lovely cousin, from one of her Japan trip. Unfortunately, with light colour bags, they get dirty easily >.< I have went through google, to get tips on how to wash finished leather handbags. Of course everyone said it is best to let the professionals to handle it, but why the hassle and the cost? So I say, let's try DIY!
    I use some soapy water and prepare a toothbrush that I ain't gonna use anymore.

     Above: My lovely dirty handbag. Arrows pointing at gray black dirt
    Above: Ugh every folds of the leather is filthy
    Above: I started washing the base first, as I am not sure of the reaction. Whitle brushing genthly up and down the leather, I seem to see clear surface!
    Above: I wipe the wet area with paper towels, gently absorbing the soap away from the leather. TADAH! It reveals it's original leather surface! At this point, I am already jumping around the room, making WAH WAH sounds lol
    Above: Continuing the process of cleaning the entire bag with the toothbrush, repeatedly rinsing it at the cup of soapy water
    Above: I hang it out to dry
    Above: Look at the before (L) and after (R)! Niceeee

    What soapy water I used? Melaleuca MelaMagic, given to try by my SO's Aunt. She was saying how fantastic this organic and natural multi-cleaner can perform, even on the most stubborn grimes and harmless on skin contact. As you all may know, I was suffering the worst ezcema last month on my hands, so I am abit tad cautious when it comes to using cleaning detergent. Melaleuca products are of natural ingredients, no preservatives, no irritant elements. Sounds good to me. I'm also using Melaleuca Lemon Brite for dish washing. Not as foamy as I would like; not that economy too, as I tend to use alot to try make more foam hahaha. 
    Anyway, I am just estatic that I got this beautiful bag clean, and go out with it! 

    What do you use to clean your leather bags/shoes/clothes? Share with me, as I want to learn other alternatives.

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. coffretgorge said...

      good job babe! it looks so much better cleaned up! :)

    2. coffretgorge said...

      ps. cute purse! :)

    3. Blair said...

      It looks brand new now!!!

    4. wow now your bag looks as good as new! thanks for the tip, I'll defo try it on my handbags xoxo

    5. WAY nice! Great method of cleaning it, especially for white bags!!!! :)

    6. Anonymous said...

      Love your purse! And great tip, this will most definitely come useful in the future =)

      Thanks for your all the love on my blog Elle! I'm definitely going to put Invictus on my list! Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman? Sounds like a fantastic movie already!

    7. MizzJ said...

      Woah that stuff is amazing!! Where can you get it??

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