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Free delivery of Contact Lenses

  1. There are many tools out there to play with, and of course, I meant beauty tools! MIL bought me this lovely purply MNG top, with a really cool chick on it. I just can't help staring at her! I just think the picture makes a cool avatar hehe

    I got new glasses, back in October, so it gave me good excuse to be inspired by that top and look abit like her! Went shopping one Saturday at Curve, where they have this bazaar outdoor market walk, and bought a hair clip for RM18~ I was with my SIL and we both could not stop laughing and playing with it! SO thought it will be cool to clip on my armpit ew how creative of him huh ;p

    Nice top eh? That's me holding up the hair clip (nails: RMK pink)

    This ain't magic ok! Not photo shoot either! I really clip on the hair bangs on me front! I tried to pick the best colour, I reckon this is a dark brown colour, which kinda match.

    Now how do I look, with my hair down? Different? I know, the fake bangs are 'healthier' and 'shinier' than my real hair lol Got to do some treatment on it soon, before CNY!

    Anyhoo, as I am not an expert on these wigs yet, I'll practise on it later.

    Invited by special Tammy, to attend an optical shop event last week. Malaya Optical at Uptown, is truly a special place to shop for your lenses. Wide range of frames and crazy contact lenses! Someday, I might get one crazy contact lenses with the pink hearts on it!

    I have been wanting to try on those big eyes contact lenses. Having small slit eyes like mine, I reckon I need this beauty tool to make my eyes more charming hehe

    I bought about 8 boxes (every customer is limited to 12 boxes) because these babies are retail at RM90 but we special attendees get it for RM15 per box! I have here black and brown colours.

    These are monthly wears and they only expire in 2012! I'm gonna have so much fun this CNY, new look lol I haven't been trying any colour lens because I have astigmatism and usually they do not cater for people blind as a bat like me. I have been a loyal user of B&L toric lenses for the past 12 years and since my power did not increase for the last 12 years too, I think I can be brave to try out other brands.

    Hmm my sisters gave me feedbacks that I need MORE eyeliner and and put on fake lashies. I think so, too. What do you think? ^^

    ps: How do I store this wig? I have no idea. It's just sitting on top of my toilet roll hahaha

    Here is a big shout Thank You to Malaya Optical, for having a really unique event and Tammy for organising it! My weekend was beautiful and memorable because of u~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 7 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy Miu said...

      wow elle.. i can't see the color of the contacts but i can see your eye is O_O like intensely round n dark. The bottomw pics i can see it's brown nice.. i really want to try mine too, i have slight astigmatism.

      Glad u came n glad u enjoy yourself! sorry i couldn't tok so much with u on that day as I have to explain lotsa stuffs to the girls who came :(

      did stellar get any?

    2. Ryan said...

      Hi Elle, it was our pleasure. You have been too kind with your words. Please do drop by at our Eye Experience Boutique anytime. We love people like you that enjoy our hospitality and service. Cheers Ryan Ho of Malaya Optical

    3. @tammy - yup i bot for stellar hehe but she really wants silver/grey contacts..so got to take another trip there soon hehe..totally understand u bz, no worries, i had a great time wif my SIL!

      @ryan - u r welcome, coz the atmosphere at ur shop was truly enjoyable! take care!

      xoxo elle

    4. Isabel said...

      wow u look so different without your glasses! (we met at the makan place outside lol) It really makes your eyes bigger lah ^^

    5. cushy said...

      i want to play with your fake bangs. is there any big eye lenses out there for astig?

    6. Tammy said...

      Oh my goodness I wouldn't have known any better that the bangs were a clipon had you not told us lol, they look great :)
      BTW, I totally thought I saw a picture of Stellar when I saw the first few pics of you hehehe
      ..And! And! I can't believe you got those contacts for only 15RM :o I would cry to get contacts for that price!!!

    7. Cute glasses, Elle! I like how easily those bangs can change your whole look. :D

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