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  1. Before I go into what's in my bag, I'll like to share some DIY.  My current handbag is this beautiful baby blue Longchamp, gift from my beautiful sis, on her trip to Europe last year end.
    Most handbags have soft bottoms, and that's really annoying, isn't it? The bags will be droopy when we put our stuffs in it, and that is not so good! Also, our stuffs will be all over and I don't really like to put my bag on a table, not knowing if it is clean, because i really don't want to stain the bag!
    So this is what I do:
    1. Hard card board, eg electrical good boxes
    2. A pair of scissors
    3. Colourful tapes, I got this from Daiso, you can also use wrapping paper of your choice, but I wanted waterproof and longer lasting bottom
    I cut the size of the bag bottom, then just wrapped the tape all over it. Tadah!
    So, what's in my bag???
    Messy messy hehe
    Makeup pouch (pink rilakuma bear!), wallet, sunnies, mobile, extra hairbands, tissue,  sequin bag (for pads/liners, not so obvious hehe), stationery (notepads, pens, business cards), Dentyne strawberry gum (my favs!)
    Let's take a closer look what's in my makeup pouch
    Lips: Kate (baby pink), Paul & Joe (shimmer brown - very smooth!), Givenchy (orange gloss), Stila (pink pump - love the taste!), Burt's Bees (grapefruit lip balm with spf!)
    Eyes: Front Cover (sample mascara)
    Red Bow: it's holding my mini fragrances
    Face: Muji (shimmer blush), Bare Minerals (mini kabuki brush), Dior (compact powder with spf) and face blotter (can't live without it!)
    Clarins hand & nail cream, Lifebuoy hand sanitiser, eye drops for my contacts, super handy

    Well, that's seem to be it. I've changed a few things since the last "what's in my bag" post, but the essentials are still there. Hope you enjoyed this post, and share with me what you have in your bag too!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. Isabel said...

      Yes!! I know what you mean.. I've stopped using a bag cos the bottom is soft and my stuff goes everywhere =_=

    2. Karen said...

      Elle, I hope you're been doing well! You have so many cute things in your bag!! The DIY board is a good idea, especially since the tape adds color to the interior :) I've been searching for a good hand cream, how does the Clarins work out for you?

    3. I love the color of your bag, Elle! I have a Le Pliage too. <3 it. Great idea to make your own base! :D I would but I'm not the DIY type so I just bought one off eBay...haha. XP

    4. MizzJ said...

      What a neat idea! That looks pretty simple to do, though how did you measure the bottom of the bag?

    5. Popcorn said...

      awww what a cute bag! your rilakuma makeup pouch is adorable~ tehehe i am still on a search for a new makeup pouch. :)

    6. stellarvixen said...

      yay! you luv the longchamp!!
      great idea for wrapping the cardboard with colorful tapes! *genius!!

      can you make on more for me?
      i only hav one so far and i need more for other bags!!! pretty please plz?!

      haha we gals are amazing!
      carry so much in our tote!

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