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  1. From my previous post, I bought a fake hair fringe clip on that I am just super excited to show more pics of what I do with it. Oh yeah, I still have no idea how to store this yet, it is just lying on my vanity desk =.= so any idea about how to store hair clips nicely, would be deeply appreciated!

    Ok this might sound 'dangerous' as I took this in the car, while I stopped at red lights lol yeah I was bored, and you have no freaking idea how long some of the red lights in KL roads.

    Any huge difference?

    So I was playing with falsies and blushers, I created a soft look with not too smokey eyes, swept my original bangs back and attached the fake bangs on the front, put on a nice head band from diva, and voila!

    Close up on my eyes, with flash.

    Outfit of the day, a white sleeveless iron-free dress with starlit scarf.

    I really like playing with this hair clip. I can't help but want to keep shaking my head and sing the famous korean pop song "I want..nobody nobody but you.." clap clap

    Do you think I look 30 (coming 31 in April 2011 >.<) Age is really a number isn't it? I'm not so sure. I don't know if I'll hate birthdays later in life (hopefully not! coz i love pressies!) and will I still go googoogaga over japanese magazines when I hit 40s and 50s???

    FB profile pic hehe

    Thats my favourite photo of the month, taken with my beautiful sis. I am not what I look like today, if not for her help and many encouragements!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. Penelope said...

      you look super cute with bangs! great pics :)

    2. Isabel said...

      lol so cute la you. Your sis looks like chaigyaru o_O

    3. FatiN said...

      bangs look great on you! :)

    4. coffretgorge said...

      my best friend has been convincing me to try clip on bangs too! you look great with your bangs on Elle! but please drive safely! :)

      i love that pic of you with sissy stellar! you are both blessed to have each other as cosmetic/fashion consultants hahaha :)

    5. coffretgorge said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
    6. The bangs look great on you! I want some clip-on bangs hehe

    7. MizzJ said...

      I like the falsies! Yes age is just a number! You look great for 30 :)

    8. Yin said...

      30? Seriously? Seriously? You look much younger, like is it a malaysian thing? LOL. I'm slightly envious.

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