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  1. Celdie & Acmedica

    May 13, 2010

    My giveaway is packed & sent! Lookout, iPeh~

    Went to Watson and found this new product on the shelf. Celdie has a range of cleansers, you can choose either the gel or cream. Very affordable and there was an incentive for getting this, apple flavour, because it comes with a cute colourful zip pouch! I'm a sucker for GWPs ^^

    Descriptions on the brochure: All-in-one Cleansers
    Now you can save time and money with these great all-in-one cleansers from Japan, designed to remove makeup and cleanse skin at the same time! Choose from a wide selection to cater for all different skin types today!
    • Honey yogurt for baby soft skin (white)
    • Spa salt for skin with large pores (blue)
    • Charcoal for oily skin (grey)
    • Royal Jelly for line skin (orange)
    • Rosehip oil for intensive moisture (red)
    • Apple essence (AHA) for rough skin (green)

    It really smells of green apple (lovely!) and the gel does not create foam nor emulsify when contact with water. Does it wash off grime and makeup? Yes! Does it improve my skin texture, since it is said for rough skin? Too early to say, but I do feel my skin much much smoother than before, but may not be the direct cause from Celdie (can be also other skincare items?)

    I have finished the Acmedica toner! The bottle is quite small, therefore it only lasts me about 1 month (I uses toner 3 times a day). I find this toner nothing special. I have no extra zits nor less zits (still one/two during TOTM) and oil is still that much on my face. Lot's of people depend on good toner, but I treat toner as a lotion to remove any last trace of cleanser and makeup on my face before my serum and moisturiser step. But I do also believe, a good toner will make the serum/moisturiser absorb better to the skin.

    There was much hype on the Acmedica night powder, so I grabbed one as well. Usually my face gets abit oily around 11pm. I will wipe the excess oil with a cotton with toner lotion. Now, I'll have the addition of this before I go zzz. The white night powder have no smell to it, which is great! I don't like medicated smell as I don't think I can sleep well smelling that.

    Descriptions on the back:
    Naris Up Acmedica acne care night powder helps to control shine, conceal pores and blemishes, and to give the skin a healthier look. Its sebum controlling formula prevents breakouts, containing vitamin C, the powder restores the damaged skin cells and leaves skin moistured.
    Powder comes with a puff. The light natural colour helps give the skin a healthy look. Transparent colour strengthen the natural glow of beautifully skin. 

    What I don't understand is, how is it supposed to moisture the skin when it is in powder form? Anyway, I do feel better knowing my face is treated even when I am sleeping. When I wake up in the morning, my face is still oily but definitely not so much than before! 

    I am quite happy with these batch of hauls, as it did not give me any breakout! If any of you have tried these, let me know if you have made a review on them as I like to know how you feel about them and was it good for you? ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 11 kisses & hugs:

    1. ipehishere said...

      ohh i hv acne problem also few months ago, im using sebamed now. but i still looking for product to make oilness and less acne.. thank you for this information.. really want to try acmedica acne care night :)

    2. ipehishere said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
    3. Tann said...

      I give u an award on my blog.. check it please, and hope you like it!!^^


    4. coffretgorge said...

      i know, lunasol's micro finish loose powder also claims to moisturize the skin, i think its because of the glow it gives. ;)

      let us know if you get the kiehl's TM! :)

    5. Anonymous said...

      Green apple scented cleanser? Sounds lovely! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design & entering my giveaway! Good luck! ~Debby xo

    6. Penelope said...

      I love your blog. Have nominated you for an award on mine!

    7. Miss K. You said...

      Elle, I really need to find myself a toner! I'm really simple when it comes to skincare.. partially due to laziness? :P I'm glad these products worked out for you, and yes it does sound weird that powder could be moisturizing.. ah well.. have a lovely weekend! I left you a blog award =)

    8. S and O said...

      what lovely goodies!!
      Olivia :)

    9. cushycottage said...

      green apple. love the scent, but dislike the fruit. too sour for me >_< i'm getting lazier on my skincare routine. should revamp my routine!

    10. Miss K. You said...

      Hi Elle, thanks for your supportive comments! I have one cat and two dogs at home.. and I definitely know it's a huge responsibility. You are right- it's so heartbreaking when people change their minds and dump their pets.. or even worse torture or abuse them :( I hope you're doing well!

    11. Miu said...

      never try before :(

      am trying not to try so many things atm.. coz of the recent breakout from trying cellnique lol....

      the cleanser looks yummy... coz of the color and green apple description u said. I like the scent of green apples :D

      that's a large box of prize! she's so lucky..

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