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  1. Inspired by NaTGN to do this post:

    Every gal will have to start somewhere about their encounter with makeup/skincare. I was never really into these while growing up. I hardly have any makeup items. I only got dark red lippies, drugstore foundations, drugstore e/s palettes that last me for years! Not many jewelery or fashion accessories too. I din't have my ears pierced till I was 18. So how did this love for makeup started and when? Who is the real culprit?

    I'll have to blame the ads, that made me keep wanting stuffs. I admit I'm heavily influence by ads, posters, and now those flashy bling ads on websites (yes, I'm those that click on web ads >.<). I'm curious, what can I say?

    If you are a 90s kiddo, admit you own one of these:

    YSL used to have the best looking palette around, gold super shiny reflective casing, always comes with black velvet cloth.
    I can't forget my Givenchy mirror casing lipstick! At that time, it was like a thing from the future!
    It doesn't seem to cost that much back then for Guerlain.
    Obsessed with these coral casings of Elizabeth Arden
    Even when the news came out about YSL lipsticks having the highest amount of lead in them, I'm still a big supporter of YSL.
    Not new now hehe
    I used to feel so glamourous holding these gold Guerlain casing.
    Seriously, who have not own a Maybelline wonder curl before???
    My earliest Revlon item
    The 2nd best world lippy for me, this blue hexagon Christian Dior lipsticks!
    Lip SPA, how can anyone not have them before?

    You may not have seen these old archives ads before, and I grew up with them. These are the pioneers of makeup items, and now there are so many new brands that pop ups and shadow these classic brands. They don't seem to be that expensive back then, weird.

    So those are the items that I truly first makeup encounter with, and then the ads gets better and better, so thats why I started buying and buying lol Month of May, buy only what's important.. ;p

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 10 kisses & hugs:

    1. Anonymous said...

      Thanks for entering and sharing Elle! I loved reading this! It's always nice to reflect back isn't it? ^^

    2. Popcorn said...


      seeing the makeup back then is sooo weird. However seeing all these companies improving, to the place they are now, is truly amazing. hahaha Thxs for the post~~

    3. Miss K. You said...

      Hi Elle, I haven't seen these ads before but I can see the red/plum look was popular! I blame ads too.. but also lovely makeup girls on youtube and blogger :) hey I'm not complaining! btw my favorite is seafood paella too, yumm

    4. ♥akisa♥ said...

      I haven't seen these before, but then again I didn't own magazines until quite late.. haha.. Love this post~ very nostalgic~

    5. Tann said...

      the YSL lipstick was soooo hot!

    6. Tammy said...

      Elle you're so cute! I can't believe you actually click on all those ads XD It's funny because I'm a marketer's worst nightmare--I have zero recall and I'm heavily uninfluenced by ads almost. I think I'm more influenced by brand leaders and what other people have to say about it hehe I love the ads that you pulled from the 90's though, the vampire one threw me off XD

    7. ipehishere said...

      aww why i never see this adv unless Maybelline wonder curl! lol
      hehehe i think its my frist mascara too :D

    8. Savvy Gal said...

      I really like Guerlain Meteorite powder. : )

    9. LIZ said...

      great idea :)

      love it :)

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