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  1. Kiehl's is so weird!

    Jan 12, 2010

    This is not a complain, just something interesting that I found out! From my earlier posts about my cleansing skincare regime here, I was using Kanebo Freshel Toner and Moisturiser.

    1. Kiehl's Blue Toner + Kanebo Freshel Milk Moisturiser

    I used the Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion with my Kanebo Freshel White C Lotion, and I got a weird reaction! Not on my face, thank god (no redness or breakouts). After using the toner with the cotton facial pads, the moisturiser turns white beads on my face skin! That is so bizarre, freak me out, I thought my milk moisturiser had gone off/bad/pass expiry >.< I then washed off my face and used L'occitane Ultra Comfort Cottan Moisturiser. No reaction. I tried this for 3 days and everytime it has white beads between the Kiehls Blue Toner + Kanebo Freshel Moisturiser, must be a chemical reaction. Something in the Kiehl's toner that don't go well with the Freshel moisturiser.

    2. Kanebo Freshel Toner + Kiehl's Moisturiser

    Few weeks ago, I used Kanebo Freshel Toner with my Kiehl's Sodium PCA oil-free Moisturiser, and again there is a weird reaction! This time no white beads, but the cream moisturiser stay shiny and do not absorb into my face skin. It stay shiny and runny and sticky! And I thought my cream moisturiser is too rich >.< I then washed off my face and used the Shu Uemura White Recovery EX Whitening Emulsion toner. Nothing happen. Did this for 3 days and still the Kiehl's don't seem to absorb to my skin if I were to use the Freshel toner.

    Conclusion, not all products work together well. Luckily there wasn't any strong reaction on my skin but just external reaction between those products and ain't harmful to me face.  Any of u gals got such experience like mine? Do share please!
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy said...

      I had the same thing happen to me when I use to use this primer from asia with my sunscreen...it was so bizarre and annoying because it always gave me the most unsmoothest application ever :( ..but you are right, some products are just not made to go with other products haha

    2. MilknCookiie said...

      That's odd! I'm glad it didn't give you a bad reaction. Sometimes my sunscreen rubs off into little flakes like what you get when you use an eraser. It's especially bad when I pair it with moisturizing gels because then both layers will start to peel and I'd have to wash my face and start all over again. D:

      ♥ Milk

    3. Jennifer said...

      I had something similar happened before, lol. when i use my sunscreen (watery) then added Benefit That Gal Primer afterwards, there are particles (like those you get from a eraser) on my face, luckily i can rub them off...but not all products can go with each other apparently.

    4. kuri♥ayu said...

      wow that's so strange! i haven't actually had anything weird happen before like that. but lucky you didn't break out or anything!

    5. Lisa said...

      Hi love,

      I think pearls are pretty timeless-- they never become "out" of fashion!

    6. freshelle said...

      that's odd, yet scary, and kinda cool! lol

      thanks for your comment! i did think about pairing them with boots, but the only tall boots i have are with heels, and i had to walk outside in the snow yesterday...so opted for the short boots instead. lol i need to get some flat tall boots!!

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