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  1. Hi gals, my previous post "comment box" is missing >.< I truly apologise for this terrible inconvenience! I have no idea how I screw that up, so this few weeks I am getting a new template for my blog. Thanks for ya patience, I will get it done up and running soon.

    [edit January 9th, 2010]

    OK I've deleted whatever the previous comment box script was doing, and I'm still tweaking this new template. So sorry to me friends bloggers who have left me a message, I'll try me best to fix it.

    Yup got my fav song up and playing (sorry to those who think this music is annoying but I really really like this version! ^^)

    Also, check out at the top page, for current giveaways around the globe! xoxo elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 2 kisses & hugs:

    1. stellarvixen said...

      huzzah the comment box is BACK!
      i'm luving the pinkie bootie with charms...soo angelic!

      i hope you luv my goodies from HongKong..will blog about them & link them to you!!

      ohh do review the BBcreams i got ya!
      Dr.jart+ black & BRTC Jasmine water!!

    2. yes dearie i luv it! oki doki next post ya!

      xoxo elle

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