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  1. BRTC, Dr Jart, Bows

    Jan 15, 2010

    Stellarvixen~ I'm faster than you, posting the goodies you haul for me in Hong Kong! Also to show my appreciation as it adds to your overwight luggage (80kg??? Golly gal, you really go all da way when hauling!).

    I can't wait to try the UrbanGreen Tea paper mask (I can't seem to find any reviews of it in the web). And oh em gee, I have been lemming for bottom eye lashes and she answered my prayers! Do you gals think that bottom lashes gives an illusion of watery misty emotional sincere eyes? Alrighty, I am extremely not good with fake lashes (normally 3 times to get it right, approx. 45mins in total). But I will never give up till I master the art of putting fake lashies! Ooo a blush contour, gonna look up videos to see how you gals do it! My 2010 resolution!

    Close up on this BRTC special gift set! Jasmine Water BB Cream (a whooping 60mg!) is my skin tone, not runny when squeeze out, not super oily after 5hrs and the coverage is medium. I love it! And it comes with their 3 step cleansing set! How cool is this set, eh!
    The Dr Jart Detox Healing Blemish Base (is this still a Blemish Base? same abbrev.) is abit lighter than my skin tone. So, I got to put some around me neck. Therefore, the coverage is not as much as the BRTC, and if it's name as Blemish Base, I reckon it may be just a primer. This turns oily after 3hrs.
    You may notice that I don't prefer shimmer on my bb creams, as I find myself quite shiny in the afternoon >.< I may not described my bb creams about dewyness, because I sometimes can't differ is it dewyness or my oiliness on my face! But many reviews have said that Dr Jart bb creams give the best dewyness, so to those gals who are dry skin, Dr Jart is your solution!

    Tell me, who can resist kawaii totes? This Marc Jacobs cute lil tote is the best when I just need a small handbag during lunch, window shopping around malls, short trips to the shops, etc.

    Thanks Stellarvixen! Good Luck to you tonight on the Kiehls Party by MiuMiu!

    Since I am so crazy over bows, I went hauling and bought a beige handbag and isn't it super cute? Well, not the easiest to keep it clean, but it's cloth, so it's washable. Nope, the bow can't be detach, coz I tried ^^

    These Asia magazines are the extemely generous (not like aus >.<). Do you call these mooks? Where did this name originated from? There is an apparel clothing line called Mooks, with the horn looking mascot. Seen it before? It's more of a streetwear type, similar to Dangerfield, Paul Frank, you get the jist, and it's everywhere in Melbourne.

    Next post, more bows! And some scanned VIVI mag on bows!
    With Love, Elle

  2. 7 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy said...

      The bag with the bow is sooooo fricken cute I can't even describe the drool pool in front of my computer! Time to keep a dish below my chin at all times when looking at ppl's hauls I think!
      I didn't even know there was such thing as BB cream base??

    2. @Tammy lol same goes for me when i see ya hauls hehe..yup i dint know abt base for bb creams..maybe it IS a bb cream? jes different abbreviation eh ^^

    3. Nice haul goodies you got there! Love the MJ bag. *^_^* I think mook = magazine + book.

    4. Tammy said...

      Elle, I dunno if it's just me but I can't seem to click on your chat box??? :S

      I've tried Diorshow before and I wasn't very impressed with it either...I guess Dior mascaras don't work very well for me either...

    5. @shopnchomp ooo that's why its called mooks lol thanks!

      @tammy chatbox seems ok, wat browser r u using so that i can try it too? im using a quite non-heard-of browser called maxthon, habits cant change >.<
      so why cant dior make better mascaras??? all those $$$!

    6. stellarvixen said...

      Bonjour Elle!
      you are indeed much quicker than me in posting your goodies!!

      yay! brtc jasmine water BBcream suits ya! its a gamble indeed haha
      thanks for the review! Have you tried the others BRTC skincare?

      hauling in HK is soo fun & getting them cheaper compare to us!!

      hav you tried the maybelline mascara?

      as for shampoo + conditioner, i'm luvring my TSUBAKI each bottle is 550ml!! me soo crazy to haul them bek eh

      can't wait for the jurlique review!

    7. Oh pretty stuff you got! I love bows too thus I love that bag!

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