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  1. My current frizzy hair is in so much need of care and I tried this Jurlique conditioner for 2 weeks. It has a very very minty fragrance (quite strong in fact). The liquid is in white and for my long hair, I used about 2 squeeze and apply from the roots to the end. Hmm not as slippery as I imagine, and it is easily rinse off. Ok, you may see I have put the picture upside-down, but I intentionally do that because it is easier to squeeze out! Why do they make conditioner bottles this way??? Not very practical!

    Verdict: 3/5

    Why: Packaging not that practical. Conditioning is quite good, although my hair is still quite frizzy but that's entirely my hair's fault! Strong minty smell, especially good for those who don't like flowery or fruity smell.

    Ooh I'm not the only one who luvs bows! As I luv reading other gals blogs, I came across these few luvly gals, who also did some bow-porn on their recent posts. They are super nice to allow me to share their links here ^-* Check these beauties out!

    Why the delay of this post? Busy away coz it's Valentine's Day & also the Chinese Lunar New Year! On the same day!!! I think alot of asian couples may be separated because of this auspicious event, and married couples got to spend it with the in-laws (eek! >.<) Who wants "ang pows"?
    Anyhoo, I am super happy that I reach 3 digits followers and to celebrate this, a giveaway is coming up! So stay alert lol

    Welcome to the year of the Tiger!
    With Love, Elle

  2. 5 kisses & hugs:

    1. PixyEla said...

      Ohhh I never heard of the brand Jurlique before but I'm having frizzy problems as well. Thanks for the review!! *yay* I was your 100th follower. XD
      p.s. I use ang pow too!! You speak Chao jo? / Chiu jao? (Hope you understood that >.<)

    2. 裕瑤 said...

      每個人生命中都可能遇到貴人,這些貴人不一定真的尊貴,他可能是陌生人,也可能是你的敵人。 ..................................................

    3. Savvy Gal said...

      Hoped you had a great Lunar New Year....

    4. kuri♥ayu said...

      congrats on 100+ followers! and thanks for the jurlique review~ i would love the minty smell. does it tingle too lol?

    5. i like the packaging and the bottle shape, it's cute! it's too bad it doesn't smell as good as it looks :(

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