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  1. Where abouts of ELLE

    Jul 24, 2010

    If you think that I have not been reading your blogs, thousand apologies! I currently have a few 1000+ post unread >.< and I am trying me best to read them up! I have been working, and working, and working. But also having a wee bit fun with some fellow Malaysian bloggers ^^v


    Review of this will be coming (sorry Tammy & Chris!). Met up with lots of bloggers, Pinky, Susan, Reiko, Pauline, Sue, Stellarvixen, Fiona, Wing. Their reviews are up and running so just click on their links!


    Met up with Nix, Jerry, Tammy, Stellarvixen, Wing, Fatin,at TGIF to celebrate Nix birthday! Nix & Jerry are makeup artist, so I got lots of tips from them and some crazy scary ghost stories too! lol

    Shu Uemura

    This was the launching collection of Neo-Tokyo Odyssey lashes, great mini food (well, it ain't mini if you go 10 rounds like me!). Fatin has lots of pictures at her blog, and Tammy got a whole album of pictures at her facebook, Kelly was there, with Alexis too! But the best pictures of ME is at Stellarvixen album hehe

    Salabianca Revolutionize

    I went to this for the Salabianca bracelet only (muahahaha) but met up with lovely Fatin & Tammy & Jean & Sharon & Doroshi. This event also do up your hair and with MAC makeup but I really really just want the bracelet only (muahahaha again ;p) so I skip that hair & makeup session (big mistake!) and I don't like the pictures that came out >.< But I still have the Salabianca bracelet (ok no more evil laugh) and a wonderful lunch with the gals!

    Phew this post is kinda tiring, compare to the others because I went searching for pictures and the right links! But it was all worth it, because I met so many amazing gals with same interest with me (my SO can rest his ears now, as I got a gang of gals to talk makeup with!).

    Have a fabulous weekend~ Where will you be? ^^

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 7 kisses & hugs:

    1. Popcorn said...

      wow~ Looks like you had alot of fun~ hehehe

    2. love ur hair & outfit!

    3. FatiN said...

      really nice compilation elle!

      as usual your borders are soo prettiee.. :)

    4. Miu said...

      omg love how u do this post up... with the cute photo montages... and snapshots.. of u havin fun with other people.. keke

    5. coffretgorge said...

      fab time with the bloggers sisters elle! looks like a LOT of fun! wish i can meet you gals someday :)

    6. Wee you've been busy! You look so pretty! And my gosh 1000+ posts?! That is a hella lot to catch up on ><

    7. Carine said...

      It's sometimes hard to catch up with all the unread posts when you are too busy to do it everyday :/

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