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  1. Urban Decay Face Case

    Jul 8, 2010

    My very first Urban Decay ownership! YAY! Thanks to cushycottage my dearest sweety sis!

    The casing is made of magic lol From afar yes it's purple, but under certain warm light, it has a maroon burgundy reddish plum purplish colour! Do I make any sense??? The material on the casing is like Nars, rubbery velvety, so got to be away from any loose powder around hehe

    Tadah! The first thing that it hits me, when I first opened it, is the chocolaty smell of it! I don't know where the smell comes from but later realised it's from the 3 lip glosses! Yummy, really yummy. It's smells just like a cake.

    So now come to experimenting this face palette! Firstly, I'll mix 2 of my bb creams. Tony Moly has the spf 45 and since it is quite a fair shade, I'll mix it with The Face Shop because it is of darker shade and do not have spf. Voila, best of both world lol

    Left: No makeup at all >.< acne near eyes and lips TOTM
    Right: With BB cream ^_^ fairer, smoother face texture and less obvious on the acne

    Gold (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again) is not that pigmented, just very super glitter, so I used it near the brows as a highlighter. Pink (Grigter) is really nice, quite light. Brown (Twice Beauty) is just a superb dark chocolate brown, will be my favourite dark brown for now!
    Eyeliner: BeneFit BadGal pencil
    Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express (yellow tube)

    I can use these e/s everyday! It can be light and casual, but I'm sure I can make it more dramatic for night wear as well. This face is kinda unfinished because no blush (Hookup) and lip glosses (Love Junkie, Naked & Carney). By the time I put it on, SO is hurrying me out the door and I left my camera at home >.<

    That's it folks, I hope you enjoyed this post, because I totally enjoyed writing it, playing with the photo frames (my SO is very annoyed the amount of time I spent on blogging and makeup and now picture toying HAHAHA). Oh yeah, add facebooking, too!

    ps: If you are wondering about my 2 right cheek moles (it's right cheek because it's reverse for pictures), I'll never ever remove it ^^ Elle's Trademark!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. Adeline said...

      The palette looks awesome!!! I wanna try out so many Urban Decay products, such a shame they don't have it here in Australia :(

      LOVE your photo frames. They look really pretty - it is worth your time =P What software do you use babe?


    2. ipehishere said...

      hehe cutee mole. i think i had same place mole like u before but i deleted it XD
      Your urban decay looks soo good :D
      woow tony moly have 45 spf ?? im gonna check it out .. ty ^^

    3. cushycottage said...

      yay! you like the palette. love your EOTD....great for day time outings. you look sooo sweet :) hehe....he's fret about your addiction? let him wait. it's worth the extra wait!

    4. DSK Steph said...

      your blog is too cute! I especially love your blog charm! :D

    5. Hi Elle, How are you, I'm sorry that i haven't visited your blog for a while, had some problem with my google account, but anyway I'm finding my way back to all of the blogs I used to follow :)

      Thanks for the FOTD :)

    6. Mrs. Kolca said...

      Hi! My first time here. Love your very beautiful pink blog.

      Btw, I have a new blog called PINK MAGALINE and I am giving away some pink and fab stuff every month. Hope you can visit and enter my giveaway. It is open internationally and joining is pretty easy. Just follow and drop a comment, that's all. So, see ya around? :)

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