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  1. BITEKI mag gwp FOTD

    Jul 15, 2010

    I was in Kinokuniya and bought BITEKI July magazine. No, I can't read Japanese or Chinese. This mag is 570 yen, equivalent to AUD5.40 but it was selling RM30. Kinda double >.< but it came with a gwp!

    Neal's Yard Remedies Facial Serum with notepads. I've never seen this brand before so I want to try it out. It's tiny!

    The mag talks alot about this Neal's Yard brand, it seems reasonably price (when I convert the yen to AUD). So I will check it out later on the web, see if other bloggers out there are using this.

    What caught me in this magazine is the model's eyes. I wanna do a FOTD on it! Here is a snapshot of it, with and without flash.

    So the theme is purple, here are my few attempts on the eyes without eye lash falsies.

    As you can see above, I still have not put on my lashies yet. I can tell you, false eye lashes do make alot of difference on the face! Why is that?!?!

    Phew lots of work to be pretty looking lol Might as well show you more potraits taken, not go to waste eh, after all the work!

    Nah, I totally don't look like the model on the cover but heck just for the fun of it! So how's your week, any FOTD to share? What inspire you? Leave me your link in your comment below!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 15 kisses & hugs:

    1. Sherry said...

      pretty :D the frame also cute :D

    2. Dina (XYYan) said...

      Falsies do make difference! Your eyes look so much bigger :) Very pretty~

    3. stellarvixen said...

      OMG brilliant attempt in mimicking the biteki model~
      purple looks GREAT on ya sis!

      Elle, i totally dig your last short curly waves~ frame up your face real NICE! go get a permanent perm?!

    4. stellarvixen said...

      remind me of LIV Tyler~ check out her gallery~ vintage curls~ & posh!

      i;m so buying the BITEKI with her face~

    5. Slowbrogal said...

      Nice FOTD!! I have yet to do any FOTD, too shy to show my face :)

      Oh, btw the word verification says: Bunga. Means you look pretty like Bunga :)

    6. I love Biteki too!!!!!, and also yeah I totally get you about the double the price thing, cos those imported magazines here in Perth sell about AUS$20!!!

      Love your FOTD, very pretty, you did such a good job with those purple shadows :)

    7. cushycottage said...

      i wish there's a kinokuniya here. i have to pay double + shipping here :(

      wow....falsie does make your eye bigger. i still suck at putting on falsie.

    8. Adeline said...

      Falsies DOES make a big difference and you did a great job with the FOTD!!Love it =P

      I usually just stare at my palette for a while and create a look with the colours I "feel" like using on that day LOLOL

    9. ~Lisa said...

      Falsies make such a difference!
      I haven't tried them though cause they're too dramatic for my daily life. LOL

      But gorgeous look!

    10. daydreamer said...

      Again telling us no way to leave the falsies behind us right....ho ho ho

      Your DIY curl very nice ~~~

    11. nix.L said...

      WOW! pretty sexy!!~~~ hehehe

    12. Anonymous said...

      Very very pretty look~!

    13. Ahleessa said...

      Wow! The falsies sure makes a difference. I wish I knew how to apply it *sigh*.

    14. Ahleessa said...

      I saw the Diva store right across Forever Love, the Forever 21 accessory store. Is it good? I never visited.

      I definitely need to work on wearing falsies... hehe~ I still love it when I look at your picture. :)

    15. MizzJ said...

      Ooh yes the falsies really open up your eyes! Very pretty FOTD.

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