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  1. My beautiful sister's birthday got us 40% off Burt's Bees and this was my haul!

    Burt's Bees Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub
    I was actually looking for a clay type face scrub because of my oily face, but I could not resist getting this! Peach smell & willowbark as natural source of salicylic acid; Hawaiian Ginger & Seaweed extract increases circulation & removes oil. The exfoliation comes from finely ground peach stones.
    Price: RM 50+ (RM 30+ after 40% discount!!!)
    Smell: Wonderfully peachy, with mild coconut oil
    Feeling after using: Squeaky clean face, no makeup trace nor scrub residue. Face is still soft!

    Burt's Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm
    Smell & Taste: Passionfruit! Come on, how amazing! I <3 passionfruit!!!
    SPF: 8

    Burt's Bees Hand Salve
    Smell: Strong lavendar. Although it does contain almond oil, olive oil, beeswax, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil; but the lavendar conquers all! Said to have Vitamin E, too.
    Feeling after using: The balm is surprisingly very smooth, melts like butter into hands, but not oily at all. Just lurves it! This beats bringing a heavy hand cream tube around my handbag lol

    Next haul is the Beautylabo Leave-on Hair Treatment!
    Smell: Fruity!
    Texture: Pink gel, spread smoothly over palm
    Treatment for: Coloured/Damaged/Split end hair
    Feeling after using: It's definitely not oily on my hair, the absorbtion level was swift, so it leaves my hair smooth.
    Affectiveness: I think my hair is beyond repair or any form of help :( It's still very frizzy and dry and out of place. I may cut my hair short, but I'm still can't make up my mind yet about this.

    Have anyone came across Interfila? My sis dear friend works for this company, that supplies cosmetic ingredients to Red Earth, Elianto & many others. Google said it comes from a cosmetic company called Intercos!

    Got this box of lovely eyeliner crayons, called Tonic Turbulence.

    Smell: None
    Texture: Extremely soft, breaks easily in fact
    Colours: Neon bright & shiny but no traces of speckles/glitters
    Price: N/A as I have not seen this on any shelf yet. Have you?

    I love the box, as it has a string at the base. So I'm gonna use this to hold my brushes when traveling. and the covers are magnetic!
    Coming up posts:
    • Urban Decay 
    • Shu Uemura
    • Barry M
    • Cellnique
    PS: I've changed my comments to be moderated for the time being, because there are these spammers that leave me spam comments grrr So your wonderful comments will not be up, but later. Sorry for the inconvenience, I just hope once these spams stops, comments will be back to usual way ^^

    With Love, Elle

    With Love, Elle

  2. 9 kisses & hugs:

    1. enchi said...

      Hey Elle!!!

      Just wondering how you were able to place the kawaii blog charm..:)


      much Love,
      enchi :3

    2. stellarvixen said...

      we went overdose hauling burt's bee!!
      i'm lurving my pomegranate shampoo&conditioner!

      do always apply the lipBalm with spf8~! we hav more burt's bee travel size goodies from our younger sis

      so is the beautyLabo hair treatment better than LIESE-cocktail serum?

      ohh do give us EOTD using those pearly liner~!

      OMG OMG ~~ cant wait for your next post on URBAN DECAY~ and BarryM

    3. Adeline said...

      Seems like Burt's Bees have some pretty good products worth trying. :)
      I love those eye pencils.Can't wait for them to be out :D

    4. Tammy said...

      Awww the music on your bg is always so cute hehe I think it's the ONLY page that I visit where I don't automatically look for the ipod fx to turn it off XD

      Thanks for joining my giveaway, Elle! I wish it was more accessible too. Like if they had them selling at a drugstore or something so that you can actually see the product in your hands. 180 is a big blow when just buying off the net hey??

    5. Tammy said...
      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    6. elle! I love burts bees lip products. My dad is an advocate of their shampoo too :)

    7. enchi said...

      Hey Elle!!!

      Thanks for following!!! :)

      I'll try to review my haul soon after I finish up my current skincare products because I don't like opening up stuff if I won't really use it that much..:)

      Regarding the blog charm..:) I tried placing it in my side bar, but the charm wouldn't appear!!! The only thing that appears is the strap, the charms didn't appear though... :( I'll try doing it again some time later and if still doesn't show up, I'll tell you..:)


      Much Love,
      enchi :3

    8. susies1955 said...

      I've heard so much about Burt's Bee's. Going to have to try some.
      In case you haven't entered, I'm having a new giveaway:

    9. Rowena said...

      Hi elle!
      In fact yes, I have worked with both Intercos and Interfila. Watch out for my coming blog post about pencils where i will talk more about them.

      Kudos from beauty and the Bullshit!

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