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  1. 1st Giveaway Update

    Nov 29, 2009

    Thanks for the luvly current 38 participatants(still counting, because it will end soon on 30th November 2009 midnite!). For those who just came to my page and was wondering what's going on, check out my 1st giveaway here! Easy peasy to enter!


    Some infos about what I pickup:
    • Try This Test: Dap toner on left backhand (behind the palm) and don't do it for the right hand. then rub your moisturiser on both backhands. Check if the moisturiser is easily absorb into your skin (on your backhands). Also check if the moisturiser turns dry/matte or still remain wet/dry. I find this test extremely useful when buying a new moisturiser. No point putting it on your hand, before toning the surface. These 2 products got to work together. I want a good toner that allows full absorbtion, I also want a good moituriser that really does matte my face ^^
    • Now, I only uses mascaras that have a curve comb! A bushy brush may claim that it adds volume to my lashes, but I get it all on my skin around the eyes because it is just too big for a clumsy person like me to use! So, a curve comb actually does the job nicely and easy!
    • Who here travels with half a bag of skincare+makeup and the other half of the bag for clothes and shoes??? That's how much stuffs I took for a 2 night stay! I have more stuffs than clothes and god bless my sis to bring along extra clothes hehehe
    • Invest in q-tips aka cotton buds. It removes makeup around the eyes cleanly (after dabbing it with makeup remover solutions).The cotton pads do not do the job that well because those eyeliners are damn tough to get it off!
    Alrite, I'm off to zzz-land. Am putting some curling cream on my hair, and curl them up in those yellow sponge balls (got it from Sasa!). I can't seem to find red ones, SO said it looks like tennis balls are hanging on my hair! At least he don't say I look  like medusa LoL but gals, this sponge balls REALLY works! Good bye heating equipments and hello healthy hair~

    Good Luck everyone, on my giveaway! xoxo Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 10 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy said...

      Hi Elle! Nice to see you back, I haven't heard from you in awhile ^^

      I've never used q-tips to remove eyemakeup but I think I will have to try because I always go to bed with a little bit of liner stuck between my lashes O_o

      Thanks for sharing your beauty info :)

    2. ~Lisa said...

      Great tips! I should try that backhand trick =] And can't wait until you announce the winners, so excited!! =D

    3. Janine said...

      Oh my gosh, so many awesome tips!!! Love it!! Thanks so much! :)

      What sponges are you talking about =/ ?

    4. Dina (XYYan) said...

      Great tips, Elle! i agree on the q-tips. cotton pad doesn't do really great on removing eyeliner.

    5. ooh.. i like the toner\moisturiser tip. very very useful Elle.. i will definitely try it! congrats on the giveaway participants sweetie:)

    6. stellarvixen said...

      i'd made it for your giveaway lol
      oh yea..time to get some Q-TIPS !!

      i'm luving the yellow sponge balls~~its sooo curly...and hassle free just some hairspray to lock on the locks

      am gonna get the majomajo comb wand.. in HK if cheaper..i'll get u one too!

    7. Hi Elle..I'm very intrigued by the sponge balls..n thanks for sharing the backhand trick :)

    8. MilknCookiie said...

      Nice moisturizer/toner tip! Will definitely try it out when I get a new moisturizer. :D

      ★ Cookiie

    9. Gabriela said...

      Thanks a lot for the tips. I love the moisturizer/toner one, it`s very useful.

    10. MizzJ said...

      Hmm the q-tip idea is a good one b/c I always have leftover residue after taking off my makeup!

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