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  1. Alritey, my giveaway is up and running till end of November 2009, get yourself a chance to win my 2 prizes here! Good luck everyone~
    I've been eyeing on amynaree's garage since she started it, so I offer her a swap for her Kate Eyeshadow Palette - BR 1. So here is the luv package I received from her! This e/s is my staple clubbing use, the gold glitter is superbly shiny (got to be careful not to drop some on cheeks!) and after the heavy makeup, I'll use the Almay eye makeuo remover, simple as a breeze~ She also gave me a sample of Skinfood BB cream, my first, and I like the powdery finish of it! No breakouts!

    Then I came across Jess from Austria @ ohhpretty, and so by chance I heard so much good stuffs about Caudalie mask, because of their drying property for oily face. She is so generous to include a mattifier moisturiser and buffing cream samples of Caudalie! I have not try these yet, but I can't wait!

    Through MUA, I came across Hanna, who agreed to swap some stuffs and she sent me a bunch of Vichy samples! I am currently using Vichy spot imperfection, on pimples that occasionaly pops up and it's quite alrite. So thanks to her, I get to try their Normaderm, which is Vichy moisturiser!

    Another MUA swapper, Langie, wanted my eyeliners and mascaras, sent me this huge luv package of fake eyelashies! Incredibly generous of her, as I now am a proud owner of 40+ pairs of fake eye lashies~ Those in white boxes are handmade lashes from Taiwan. I just can't stop starring at them, as I have never own that much!

    As is I don't have enough beauty stuffs, I get some Stila hauls from Tammy @ plusizekitten, 3 tin cans and a makeup pouch! Now I can store my brushes nicely and a fashionable makeup pouch when I go for an overnite stay (obviously a longer holiday I can't bring such a small pouch!) >.<

    So these are my recent excuses for my absentee, because I am still going goo goo ga ga over my new precious! Have a gr8 weekend everyone! xoxo elle

    With Love, Elle

  2. 14 kisses & hugs:

    1. omg!! amazing swaps and new precious stuff!! look at all the eyelashes and the Caudalie mask sounds amazing!!! U must be one happy girl Elle!! pls do a review on the mask:)

    2. I am goo goo ga ga-ing over your hauls! *^_^*

    3. amynaree said...

      great swaps!!! i'm loving all the eyelashes you got

    4. Uinisan said...

      sweetie~~ no wonder u've been away...u're still in shock that you actually own all that stuff now LOL. I've also tried the Vichy Normaderm as well I have a stack of samples from my friend in Singapore (she gets like heaps each time she comes back for uni hehehehe)...It's not too bad but not moisturising enough for me unfortunately~~~ Anyway can't wait to see what you think of all your new swap once you've used them :)

    5. ~Lisa said...

      Wow! Great swaps!! Love your new giant collection of falsies! I don't own a single pair yet! LOL Have fun going gaga over them =P

      And I tagged you for some awards. I'm sorry if you already did them =[

    6. Zoe said...

      Wow..great swaps..the eyelashes swap looks amazing^^

    7. Oh wow that is actually really smart
      I only recently started using concealer so i did once use them both as eyeshadow brushes.

    8. Savvy Gal said...

      i love those faux lashes. i love them but have the hardest time applying faux lashes.

    9. oh my.. so many beauty products!! ^^
      great haul!

    10. Blair said...

      Fabulous goodies! Feel like getting back into swapping after seeing your goodies =D

    11. KMc said...

      I'm in love with those adorable tins!!!

    12. Gabriela said...

      The 3 tin cans are gorgeous. I love them!!! Pretty, pretty, pretty...

    13. Jess said...

      Hi Elle!
      I didn't know that you are the one who purchased the Caudalie mask from my blog sale! ;)

      Came across on this post by chance now, hehe... how do you like it btw?

    14. Christine J said...

      sooo jealous! i soo want the make up case and 3 tins :)

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