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  1. Most days my makeup are quite simple, with a bold eyeliner wing. This is how I do it:
     Above: Half close eyes with flash
     Above: Open eyes with natural lighting
    Basic products that I used are above. Primer (Catalina Geo), Foundation (Garnier Light BB), Loose Powder (Lioele Secret Pore HD), Blusher (elf Berry Merry) and Eyeliner (Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner Pot). 

    But the special thing that I always put on top of my wing eyeliner is Kate Eyeshadow BR-1.
    Elle Tip: The black eyeshadow powder has shimmering gold dust. Maybe it got from the gold colour lol I am not sure. The reason I top the gel eyeliner with this black eyeshadow powder is because I found that it keeps my wing intact, without smudge and crease after a whole day ^^

    So end result, a happy Elle~!
    How often I do this look? Very often. With the frequent practise, it still takes me 15 minutes to doll up like this. Hopefully, I will be better and quicker, and do this in 10 minutes, then it's not only a happy Elle, but also a happy hubby hahaha~

    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. love the liner!!! great idea to use a shadow over it. i tend to too since my lids are always super oily and practically all liners smudge!

    2. Adeline Er said...

      Looking good love!!

      love THE thick liner look - gonna recreate the look soon! :)


    3. Popcorn said...

      Nice wing look! I always find myself doing a winged look recently. I will try to first put some eyeshadow on before I do the liner and see if it will last longer on me. :)

    4. Anonymous said...

      How do you look so animated Elle?!?! So pretty! I can't believe it only takes you 15 minutes! I definitely need more practice then haha. I tend to take forever!

    5. john petter said...

      Its really a nice post.
      Clearly Natural

    6. Ahleessa said...

      The love the wing, thick eyeliner! :)

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