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  1. I have super oily face, and I usually look like a frying pan by late afternoon (that is if I did not blot away~). It was much worse in my early teens. It has been ages since I truly hold my palms to my face because of the oiliness and I always have a hard time cleaning smudges of foundation on me and hubs clothes grrr.
     Above: Me (oil and shine alert!) & Chiko
     AboveLioele Secret Pore HD Powder
    My mil and I was shopping in Far East, Singapore; and bought this for me! Liole is from Korea. I think they debuted with their famous bb cream in 2010. Now they have a whole range of products.  The Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder is 15g of white silica powder and comes with a puffing pad, but I do not use it. I uses a brush to put the powder on my face, after my foundation. I love it~! Matte face here I come!
    I think I look abit wide on my pink fusia top :( That's because it was just days I came back from Melbourne, loaded with food lol.
    If you want to do without shine, try this Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder and share with me~
    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. I'm glad you found a way to get a matte face! :) It must also be due to the humidity and things. But a good thing is that your face won't get dried out and you'll have supple skin when you get older :D

      You look lovely!

    2. When are some of these Korean companies ever going to land here? T_T I'm always having to control the greasies on my face too...lol. Love how matte and natural this looks on you! :D

      (Thanks for entering! Oh and oddly enough he isn't a Seinfeld fan...hehe ;)

    3. Ahleessa said...

      The packaging of the Lioele is so cute! I would love to try them, but it's so expensive here because of the shipping *sigh*.

      By the way, your cat is cute! :)

    4. i am super oily too, esp during summer months! i use the MUFE HD powder, which is silica powder too. keeps me matte! the lioele has much cuter packaging though hehe

    5. Haha...I need to shout at my notes to "Stay there!" too XD

      Right now, I'm using Josie Maran Argan Primer Mist and I blot with Boscia green tea blotting papers when needed. :)

    6. Awwsumkitteh said...

      your blog is really cute!

    7. Anonymous said...

      Ah~ either I haven't been here in a long time or you just changed your layout! Love it!

      Haha, I think it took me a couple days to finish that list. But seeing that I've gotten to know myself pretty well with all this time I have on my hands, it wasn't too hard to once I got myself really thinking about it.

      p.s. Chiko is SO cute! And what an adorable name at it too :D

    8. Terri-fic said...

      Wow, you can see the different. I really like it. My face gets oily throughout the day too, maybe I'll see if I can order this online :)
      XOXO T

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