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  1. There are so many brand new items for a brand new 2012 year to review! I just know it's gonna be a great year!
    I started the year with a brand new foundation primer, Catalina Geo Colour Capsule Makeup Base.
    (from google search, I'm not really sure if it's from Korea, Italy or Australia lol)
    Lovely lilac capsules in a pump bottle. I love these kind of pump bottles because it just pushes up from the base which means no waste, great for travelling because it comes with a good tight cap, and just look classy ^^
    L: With flash. R: no flash, room lighting.
    It's tecture feels like mousse. Quite smooth when apply on skin. I uses 2 pumps all over my face. At first I was afraid if its too pale to use it alone by itself, without foundation. But surprisingly the lilac colour dissappear after application! It's said that the botanical ingredient Royalhersome can match our face color naturally when used.
    See for yourself! I think I do look fairer (compare with my neck) but I didn't mind. Who doesn't like to look fairer? lol
    Here's how I look when I dolled up with make up. Yes it definitely created a slightly lighted shade when combined with my foundation. I can actually use this with foundations that I accidentally bought a darker shade! Let's test it for the day..
    I was back in Melbourne for the month of January. This photo was taken hanging out with my hubby and gougeous sis-in-law at Victoria Market. I thinked my face has gone abit "wider" for all those meat and sausages that I have been eating there! Argghh!
    Verdict: LOVING IT! Omg look at my grin lol

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 7 kisses & hugs:

    1. KittyBonkers said...

      Awwwww, you look so cute!! And this product has made a difference! I love all the photos in this blog!
      Kitty xoxox

    2. cushy said...

      you started blogging again!
      looking good in those photos. glad that you had a wonderful vacation in melbourne.

    3. Popcorn said...

      CUTEE! I love the packaging. hahaha little balls.
      daww, you look so pretty! Welcome back to blogging. :)

    4. Anonymous said...

      I can noticeably see this base makeup brightening your face - you look very pretty dolled up / natural face too!

    5. wifluvelle said...

      Hello i just like to ask where did you purchase it?

    6. wifluvelle said...

      Hong Kong, my sister bought for me, sorry i dont know >.< elle

    7. wifluvelle said...

      oh i see..thank you so much for answering :)

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