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  1. What a month, just want to write this down so that I can re-read what happened in my life, if I ever have memory loss later in life hehe
    BAD - urgh
    • Eczema attack - When I was young I had a very bad case of atopic dermatitis eczema on my feet. I missed out alot of sports activities during my primary schools days, but I made up with good chess skills, board games, developed love for computer games. Then when my menstrual came, miraculously the eczema were totally gone, as it it did not exist! So swimming, cycling, badminton was only picked up in my late teen. Now at 31 years old, for the last week, it was kinda a mini hellish week as I had pompholynx (dyshidrotic eczema on my hands). It never happened before and the doctor can't determine my trigger point. Fortunately, the dermatitis specialist is a great one and my hands are back to normal (I apologised for no pictures of my hands as it is a gross picture of them). I think I am going to write a heartfelt thank you note to my doc.
    • I accidentally deleted all my 2011 photos in my computer!!! 2GB of photos ARGHHHHH!!! I know it is not the end of the world, but it does felt abit like that sob sob >.< How do you cheer yourself up if this happened?
    • My previous post I mentioned that I was exercising more rigorously, but my weight was unchanged (still 65kg). I started a very simple rule on my diet, 'NO SUGAR' after 6pm. So I am now kinda suffering from cravings for Coke, cakes, etc.
    • Our xbox is down, grrr I can's play Halo Reach arghhh
    GOOD - pick me up ^^
    • Work is good!
    • My birthday month! Review of MAC wonder woman, Canmake lippie & palette coming soon.
    • Got 5 TGV movie tix from Nuffnang Malaysia!
    • Became associated with an esteem event organisation to be part of their committee member (will have a shout out about this in next post, stay tune!) I bought my masquerade mask today for the upcoming event!
    • Was approached by a magazine to write a 2 page article on 'love & relationship' (I am quite excited!). No, I don't think it's like anything of Carrie (SITC) or Ask Jean (ELLE) lol but I know it will be super fun for the experience! 
    • Gonna receive a big makeup metal case filled with goodies of Stila worth $200, won in a giveaway!
    • Pick up my skills again on Guitar Hero. Wanna upgrade to expert level~
    Coming May 2011
    • Hubby birthday month!
    • Mother's Day! Mum dearest will be getting a bouquet of flowers and gifts from Loreal tee hee
    • Invited for a makeover on Labour Day, I am so in need for a face makeover, as I am hungry to learn new skills to makeup hehe Ooo will be given 3 pairs of lovely coloured contact lens too, can't wait!
    • Masquerade event on 27th May!
    So there really is ups and downs, kinda a roller coaster ride in life. I just watched this movie 'How do you know (2010)' by Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd (love him in 'I love you, man'), Owen Wilson & Jack Nicholson. Here's some quotes I love it:

    • Never drink to feel better; drink to feel even better. 
    • Courage is mastery of fear, not absence of fear
    • Happiness in life is about... finding out what you want and learning how to ask for it. 
    • We are all just one small adjustment away from making our lives work. (derives from Play-Doh story)

    Here's hoping your days and months are great!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. Nic Nic said...

      hope your skin gets better! my skin battled with it - but she doesn't have much flared conditions these days. she swears by drinking a ton of water!

    2. MizzJ said...

      Yikes I would cry if I lost all my photos! I wish there was some automatic back-up system for images to prevent these kind of things..

      Show me what's inspiring you this summer & you could win a Karmin G3 styling iron!

    3. cushy said...

      i see more good than bad. so, it must be a good month then :) yay, your fingers heal. note to self, always backup important files on an external drive. i think i'll cry for days if that happened to me. good thing we're only 4 months into 2011.

    4. Ahleessa said...

      Your skin looks good now or at least I think so... hehe~ :) How do you get invited for a makeover? I need one badly... lol~ :X

    5. Can you back up what you lost on your comp? 2G of pics is a LOT and I'm sure it's doable!

      I really have to see "How Do you Know", is it a chick flick? :) I love those!

    6. Sorry to hear about the bad things but I see that the good things outweigh it! :)

      "Happiness in life is about... finding out what you want and learning how to ask for it." <===love this.

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