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  1. September NOTD

    Sep 30, 2010

    Black is the new White? I never could understand all these phrase lol Well I recently cut my nails short, and short nails only go with black or dark nail colours hahaha

    This brand of nail polish, called "Shine Shine Emily Nail Enamel" is really superb! It's cheap (like RM3 each) and pigmented colours. It's not those transparent nail colours, that showed on the bottle but never on your nails! Well, I can't just leave it as black right, so I got some nail stickers on them.

    Now, where I got my inspiration from?

    My old phone, Nokia N95 8GB! Well, it's also my old camera (5MP was really great) till I got Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR. So anyway, see those little stars around the screen, on the phone shield? Cute isn't it? I got it at Daiso for RM5!

    And I got a cool theme too, on this phone. I love Nokia phones, functional and never fails. I have no fate with LG (I spent a bomb on getting the red LG Chocolate when it launched a few years back), but the poor reception, uninstallable games, especially the lousy reception (did I mentioned that already?).

    Upcoming posts:

    • RMK Workshop (dissapointed)
    • Liese hair dye (Marshmallow Brown!)
    • Loose powder (tiny) collection
    • Giveaway time! 1 year bloganiversary!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 6 kisses & hugs:

    1. ipehishere said...

      thats very nice design for hallowen xD
      woa Elle how are u ? hope u doing well :)

    2. Tammy said...

      I love the nail decos ^^

    3. C. said...

      Not many people can wear black nail polish, but you rock it :p

    4. elle you won my giveaway! please reply to my email :D

    5. I so want to get a Nokia phone in the future, they seem so great!
      Love the black nails, no one hardly does them anymore. Just a lot of tutorials on cutesy pink nails haha, refreshing change.

    6. @ipehishere - coool idea for halloween! too bad we dont celebrate it here, but who cares, i'll still dressup at home!

      @Tammy - thanks! n i love ur new pink contact lens!

      @C. - ooo thanks, its not everyday i get compliments for black nails lol coz actually lots of people dont like it coz its so emo, but i tink its a rock, just like u said it!

      @Jennifer - aw thanks jen, so sowie i was away, and im totally ok that u pick a new winner, coz its only fair! gud luck on ur exams!

      @Natalie Nguyen - nokia fons are easily backup on computers, and i hardly hear anyone says it hangs or glitches, so its really reliable! yeah im guilty of pink nails too hehe

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