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    Sep 10, 2010

    Recently there was lots of going on at home and at work, and was not able to do my blogging. At work, my own business is running an expansion, with lots of new knowledge to acquire and master with. And lots of extra clients to provide assistance to. But that's all good because it means more income ^^

    At home, my dear Aunt Jenny (dad's younger sister) has recently passed away in Ipoh. It was very unexpected and her demise is much cried. Aunt Jenny was a very beautiful lady when she was young. In the early 1970s, guys in Mercedes will come to woo her at m y grandma's home ^^ I think it was Auntie Jenny that introduced me into nail polish and red lipsticks. I'll always remember her fondly..

    Well, onwards to more happier stuffs, which is my beauty reviews!

    YAY My Cellnique parcel is here!

    Huge box with 4 items, their best selling ones! From left:
    • Advanced Bio Renewal Masque (Mask) RM 159 for 50g
    • Soothing & Hydrating Lotion (Toner) RM 79 for 200ml
    • Amino Collagen C Intense Set (Serum) RM 299 for 2x10ml
    • Skin Action Sebum Gel RM 159 for 30ml

    Total estimated RM 700 worth of skincare! Gals, this is a splurge package. My advice, if budget is a problem, try their products one at a time. Go try out their facial and spa sessions, and if you really like the products and works for you, then go to Sasa and get those stamps!

    What is Cellnique? Founded by Mr Chew (electric engineering background!), launched around 1997 in Malaysia and later in Singapore. Cellnique is very agressively active in the beauty blogger world because of their generousity in giving out samples for us to try before we buy. So, there was alot of good reviews out there, let's check out mine.

    For the last 6 months I have been using these brands of toner.

    From left, always ^^v
    • Skin Conditioner by Naris Up for 360ml - Huge bargain for this toner, because it is huge and cheap, for a toner that claims to have collagen. I wish this is a great toner for me to keep, but it isn't. My moituriser does not, I repeat DOES NOT absorb into my skin after this toner. Totally weird and annoying, because I feel like it is wasting my moituriser, and acting as a barrier. So, not a good toner.
    • Acmedica by Naris Up for 150ml - Nyeh, did not stop any pimple from popping up eventhough it said this is a medicated toner. But at least it did allow my moisturiser to melt into my skin hehe
    • Freshel Lotion by Kanebo for 200ml - Best toner for me this year, as I've used 2 bottles already! It can also cleanse off excess makeup and oil on my face, so its NOT just water. 

    What I like: The spray cap. Most toner you need to pour it out. With this, I just spray it straight on my clean face (with eyes close of course ^_*). It smell of herbal because of the 14 plant extract ingredients. No, I did not have any allergic reaction to it. Does my moisturiser sink into my face after toning? Yes, indeed. Basically, that is what I want most with my toner.

    This is my own test on good toner & good moisturiser. Far left, is my clean matte face after toning with Cellnique and moisturise with Freshel Milk Lotion. Faces going right side, are every hour after that. No longer matte face, but oilier and shinier (from 8pm to 11pm). Well, could be any reason, that my moisturiser is not hydrating enough or those 2 doesn't work well together, or something else. But in all honesty, I just think my face is super oily >.<

    Well, comprehensive enough review? That's why I got to separate these into few parts. If you have used this Cellnique Soothing & Hydrating Lotion, leave me a comment of your feedback or a link to your review post if you made one. I'll love to hear your say and your experience on this. So will my readers :)

    FREEbies: The first 50 readers to register on Cellnique website, and do the following:

      1. Complete the registration form.
      2. "Where do you hear about us?"   wifluvelle.blogspot.com
      3. "Company"   your blog’s url (if any – and you might stand a chance to do a product review!)

    It will be a 3ml sample of Skin Action Sebum Gel, expect sample delivery within 4 – 6 weeks. Substitutions of sample will be made if sample is out-of-stock. Cellnique will send to international address! What are you waiting for? ^^v

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 4 kisses & hugs:

    1. Blair said...

      Sounds wonderful, thank you for the review!

      So sorry to hear about your aunt *hugs*

    2. Hi sweetie, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hope you are doing well.

      I have to agree with you on the Naris Up Skin Conditioner. It didn't work for me either. :(

    3. Anonymous said...

      Aw hun~ I'm sure that your aunt is in a better place now, as a matter of fact all the boys in heaven are probably wooing her as we speak =)
      p.s. I really loved that little story you told about your Aunt, I love hearing about good ol' stories from older people, makes me smile all the time.

      By golly girl, you really decked out in Cellnique stuff!! I really want to try that masque one of these days =D

    4. Lavender said...

      Hi elle

      I am having a giveaway $25 gift cert from Apothica. Do join and spread the word. thanks

      lucky you,got the cellnique set free?



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