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  1. If you miss out my previous review on Cellnique Toner, lookee here.

    I have lots of blackheads, so I scrub and scrub my face. Also I go for facial sessions that do extractions on blackheads. Since becoming a member of Cosway early this year, I came across Bioglo Blackhead Lotion.

    This is really a lotion. And the application is immersely troublesome. Wet a cotton pad with this, put it on areas of face that has blackheads, then a hot towel over it. After 10 minutes, remove everything, and uses those black cotton buds to swab the skin surface. Didn't work on me. Stubborn blackheads grrr

    This is Cellnique Sebum Gel, really famous in the world now. Easy application, just pump a pea size on face and rub it in (after toning step). No waiting necessary, go on to moisturiser step. Smell: minty

    Took this enlarge picture of my nose. Eeek sorry for the gigantic nostril >.< I put arrows there on some really obvious stubborn blackheads.

    Well, pictures say a thousand words! I'll definitely continue using this Cellnique Sebum Gel, I not only uses it around my nose, also on my forehead, temples and chins :)

    Have a good weekend, eh-li-bah-diiiii~

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 3 kisses & hugs:

    1. cushycottage said...

      looks like a great product. it works!!!! have a great week.

    2. Really famous indeed! Sounds like a great product =D

    3. Tammy said...

      Wow this really worked on you well! Thx for sharing with us, Elle! ^^

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