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  1. Not about beauty today.

    I recently moved home. I need to get furnitures (in the shortest possible time) as my in-laws want to come and stay with us for awhile. I am not fussy over furnitures because I am a person who is quite practical and totally accept that furnitures do not last forever and we will change them in the new future to my new taste and needs. Of course some friends have suggested some really expensive designer furnitures (RM7,000 for a one-piece sofa?!?!) Anyway, my MIL suggested Courts, big f**king mistake.

    Wallet wise, this is where you can fill up the entire house with less than RM10,000 (3 bedrooms, 1 hall, 1 dining area, 1 kitchen). Actually, there are also cheaper places like along OUG, opposite Pearl Point, randoms furniture shops that you can see along main highways.

    In 2 weeks, Courts sent only partial items to what I paid (we made full payment). The most important thing did not come in first, which is the BEDS! Where do they expect us to sleep??? Call it poor planning on our side, too, my in-laws came. Out of the 3 beds, only 1 came, so we offered it my in-laws to sleep in. Me, SO, and SIL will take the floor! After numerous calls and complaints and visits back to Courts (in Puchong), most items came in another 2 weeks. Still 1 item is delayed, the sofa bed for my guest room.

    They gave us a few freebies, trying to calm us down. Now I have 100+ pieces of plates + bowls which I think it is also a century old, because it ain't white anymore, but with many brown stains urgh The infamous excuse they kept using "It is not our problem, it is the supplier. They are out of stock. It is the delivery department problem." What a load of crap bullsh*t and totally no responsible of the after sales service. I guess they probably made their commissions already!

    After 1 month plus, and the sofa bed is still missing, I had enough of it already. Went in to cancel it, and exchange it to electrical appliances that has stock there and there. They promised to give me a comforter for my bed the next time it is available. I totally did not give much hope about it.

    I have heard from another friend, that they had to get the supplier's address (somewhere in Rawang) to pick up their own furnitures! If I were told to do that, I will definitely cancel my whole lot purchases.

    Well, since I still do not have a sofa bed, we went to Ikea. Now, that's really heaven!

    Got 2 sofa beds there, lots of plastic containers (17 pieces for RM15!), wall clock (RM3!), cutleries (6 pax for RM25!), famous Billy book shelf, desks, and many many more. There is an office roller chair for RM50 that has no stock, but everything else was in order. Shopping there was a breeze, no heartache, no lousy staffs, no unhappiness lol SO loves Ikea, he likes assembling the furnitures, probably like lego for big boys eh If you are wondering how we got it all back to the house, MIL has a 7-seater car and it takes 2 trips (Putra Heights <-> Curve). It is a nice and happy drive btw :)

    Oh the horror did not stopped there. Just last week (gosh after 2 months!), Courts called in to let us know our freebie comforter is in shop and tell us to pick it up.  We thought, why not. 3 days after that call, went to Courts (again..) and after waiting for like 20 minutes, the SA came out and said "No comforter. I put it there at the corner but most likely a staff stole it."

    WTF? Do you know why they said that? So that the responsibility will not be on him! He thought he is so clever, he don't have to say SORRY! "There are 11 staffs in the branch, so we don't really know who took it. Also, you came so long later."

    Elle: Shut up! Let me make myself clear. Do not make this like it is my FAULT. Should I feel sorry for you that you have a thief among your staffs? Should I be sympathise with you for your inefficiency and lack of brains? Should I say sorry that I came only 3 days later to pick up what you promised?

    The next day, they called my MIL and very politely inform her that the comforter is really in the shop, ready to be pick up. No way I am going there again, so my aunt went to collect it and indeed it is there. Well, I told her she can keep it.

    Do you know furnitures can be an investment? I saw that my hall sofa set (3+2+1 sitter) has went up the price at Courts. Previously was RM899, now RM1499. My dining set (6 sitter) has also went up in price, from RM999 to RM1699. I don't know what is going on with Courts. I may have saved alot of $$$ but to receive the stress that I have to deal with them??? I am not sure if it was justifiable. I hope it did not give me any wrinkles lol

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 10 kisses & hugs:

    1. Isabel said...

      Woah.. That's just bad.. My sis just bought her house and is in the midst of furnishing it. Gonna tell her to stay AWAY from Courts =_=

    2. DinaXYYan said...

      Aww, sorry to hear about your experience about Courts.. My family ordered our furniture from SG's Courts and we have no problem at all, maybe it's just different management?

    3. Doroshi said...

      wow, there's so much fuss with courts, after reading this, i will think twice if ever i gona buy furnitures from them i doubt.

    4. cushy said...

      courts service is horrible. i like going to ikea. their stuffs are cheap and chic. their quality is not the best, but still pretty good.

    5. amynaree said...

      sorry to hear about your horror story!

    6. MizzJ said...

      OMG this is so horrible!! Do you have any way to make formal complaints against this business? These people deserve some bad press!!

    7. oh no! it's so bad? I just got my bed from courts SG and it was alright. I'm heading to ikea this weekend :D

    8. Gawd I hate encountering bad customer service. =( Sorry to hear what happened.

    9. Anonymous said...

      Ugh I hate bad customer service =\ Hope everything will be smooth sailing from here Elle, all the best <3

    10. Savvy Gal said...

      Ikea used to be my best friend in college. : )

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