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  1. I have been very quiet lately on me blog, because I have been moving house! In all my life, I have stayed in numerous places and thought all those moving has been practiced well, so it should be easy peasy by now, but it is NOT >.<

    Around 9 years ago, I migrated to Melbourne, Australia. And in Australia, I have moved my sanctuary about 6 places (from college dorms to rented rooms and progressively to real houses hehe). Since late last year, me & hubby decided to move back to Malaysia for awhile to expand our businesses. So I've stayed about 1 year plus at this Hartamas area and now I'm at Putra Heights!

    I'm officially a suburbian now hehe

    I just got back my internet at my new home, so I'm definitely back online more to read my favourites blogs around the world (my google reader showed that I have more than 1000+ post unreads!!!) and to blog some of my own posts. I just want to say a big hugs to my fellow followers and friends of me blog, for being patient with me and still around eventhough I have not been contributing much to the online world recently. THANK YOU!

    Christmas is coming up the next few weeks, what are your plans and any wishlists to share? Me?

    • Max Factor workshop 17th December @ Lot 10
    • PetsMore Carnival 18th December @ Tropicana Mall
    • Big goodies bag for me from Stellar from Taiwan/Hong Kong (can't wait!)
    • New Year Party at my new place!
    Happy holidays everyone!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. Tammy said...

      Hey Elle! Great to hear back from you and seeing that your move went well and your internet back up!! What a change it must be for you to move back to Malaysia though! Can't wait for your future posts ^^

    2. Doroshi said...

      Hey lookin forward to ur future post! U moved 6 times, let me tell u, i have moved 11 times, since college in KL then to UK and back here...am waiting to move to a REAL house so i dun need to move anymore T_T

    3. Welcome back, Elle! =D

    4. Jessying said...

      welcome home :D

    5. mizcushy said...

      moving is never easy! well, depends how many stuffs you have. i bet you have loads :) enjoying your new place?

      yay to internet!!

    6. stellarvixen said...

      glad to have you back onlineee!
      just like me~ i have been missing haha

      finally settled-in yay!
      hopefully you light up my gift for your new crib~ ^_*

      the candle is scented

      haha you are getting goodies from me surely~!!! hugsss

    7. will said...

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    8. It must be so exciting to live in different places, very refreshing!
      And I love the new layout you got!

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