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  1. I wanted to do this post long ago, but did not have the time because of moving home, so this is a very very belated post.

    It's black again lol So here again I played with black nails, bought this set at Sasa, it comes in a box, really cute (sorry threw the box already).

    I have always used this Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as my nail base for as long as I remembered. I really like it because the brush is soft and it is long, so it touches the base of the bottle easily. No wastage! I hate nail polishes brush that is short and does not touch the base of the bottle and I really don't like tipping the bottle to the side to get the colours, because it is very inconvenient as my nails ain't dry yet >.< do you have that problem too?

    I was kinda amazing to be able to dig out the hearts from the bottle eh?

    The top coat is superb! Works like the famous Ettusais jelly harden top coat, but at a fraction of the cost. But this dries really really slow.

    So, what about Halloween makeup?

    No, I did not do this makeup hehe I just came back from a photoshoot with Cleo Malaysia Magazine, and the MU artist did this dramatic eyes for me! I really like it, because it kinda hides the fact that I am mono eyelid lol

    On normal days, I won't be able to play with such dark colours because I think it is just too dramatic for an everyday look, but definitely for clubbing or partying! But I did not end up at a party, but in a magazine!

    Tadah! It was really fun, playing with Giordano latest range of assessories, golden snake bracelets and necklace.

    I was extremely paranoid before this came out, because I totally felt 'big' and 'fat' in the photoshoot. I really felt 'huge' and just crossed my fingers that it will turn out ok. Overall, I am soooo happy it really seems great, well not smoking hot, because that's way too optimistic lol but it was fun to be featured in a magazine. Have always wanted to appear in a mag, so I guess I can cross this job of my bucket list hahahah

    Here I want to share with you L'occitane Milk Make-up Remover, my HG as this is my 10-ish bottle. Why it is so good? Gentle to the eyes, but definitely do the job of removing every trace of makeup!

    It can really clean up squeky clean! As a contact lens user, I always have phobia that some makeup remover can get into my eyes and irritate them, but this L'occitane remover is really gentle to my eyes. I don't think there is any fragrance to it, and with just a tiny amount, both eyes can be wipe clean.

    So how was your belated halloween? Hope you all have a blast time!
    Let's plan for Christmas 2010!!!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 12 kisses & hugs:

    1. Congrats, Elle! You look great =D

    2. Tine said...

      Congratulations on being featured in Cleo! You looked fab ;)

    3. stellarvixen said...

      newlayout! very niceee
      your beautiful photos are back..luv your effort too!! picking those beautiful buttons borders for you photos..

      NICEEE going to get featured in the magazine! I WAS IN THE SAME MONTH!
      incredible november~!!


    4. FatiN said...

      i lurv black nails! coolness!!

      and you look great in that issue of Cleo! ^^

    5. Jennifer said...

      whoa you're on your 10-ish bottle of it?! it must be really good stuff!!! :P

    6. cushy said...

      you came out gorgeous in the mag. no worries ^_^ wish you can do my nails.
      like your new layout!

    7. Tammy said...

      That's so cool you got featured in a magazine, Elle! You look beautiful :)

    8. coffretgorge said...

      Elle you look great in the mag feature! Your nails look fab too! :)

    9. coffretgorge said...

      Elle you look great in the mag feature! Your nails look fab too! :)

    10. Zoe said...

      Wow..u look beautiful in the magazine^^.

    11. Wow, that's so amazing you got featured! You look gorgeous!

    12. MizzJ said...

      What are you talking about silly, you look very cute in the mag! Congrats on getting featured :)

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