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  1. Heard of a cream for your face and body? Imagine putting those BodyShop body buttershea on the face??? *shivers* But you gals out there, being so savvy and up-to-date (not like moi >.<) surely have come across Japan handmade Steam Cream!
    My luvly cousin sister was in Hokkaido, Japan during the 2009 NY holidays and came back with a souvenir for me, so here it is!

    The leaflet that comes with it is in Japanese, so I can't understand anything about it. So I went blog hopping among my favourite bloggers and with them blessing, you can read all about Steam Cream at:
    So let's see my Steam Cream!

    Isn't it beautiful? The casing is so unique! Also, there is a competition going on from Steam Cream website (I'm not sure I can put it here, as I don't think it is legal for me) but you can surely google it and design a casing for them! You can win a whole year supply of them! Yee-Haw~

    The cap needs to be turn to the base, and this is great, so that the cream don't get accidentally pour out. Even the bottom casing has designs on them.

    The cream is so soft (because it is handmade!) and it has a strong lavender fragrance. I sense abit of lemon grass as well, but I can't be too sure.

    I put some on my elbows today and by end of the day, I do feel  my elbows are very very smooth! Is it just the mind playing tricks on me, because I wanted to believe it is so good? Heehee.

    Coming up next: Luv package from StellaVixen (my 1st Lunasol palette!)

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 11 kisses & hugs:

    1. Popcorn said...

      woah!!!! that is really cool~
      hahaha the casing is very very adorable!

    2. Dina (XYYan) said...

      I've never tried a steam cream before! it sounds so good and love the packaging too. Thanks for reviewing, Elle :)

    3. I heart that packaging!

    4. Swtest2Lips said...

      Thanks for the pics and review. I want that so bad but I dont want to pay the insane shipping fees. Cant wait till it comes here!

    5. stellarvixen said...

      ohhh you make me go lemmings~~
      i wannnt i wannt with the pretty casing..steamcream godly for face& bodeh hehe

      the casing is beautiful~ adorned with mother of pearl <3 <3

      oh yea show us your LUNASOL!
      your're most welcome..for the CP
      ahem babe you miss out my "R"

    6. Tammy said...

      The packaging is so pretty!

    7. Oooohhh.. this is my 1st time looking this steam cream review! The packaging is so cute! ^^

    8. cushycottage said...

      japan has the cutest packaging ever. wish i can go shopping there one day.

    9. Anonymous said...

      That is really a cute and unique container. Seriously, that is just love.

    10. MizzJ said...

      Cute packaging just makes great products even greater doesn't it? It looks so soft and creamy, have you tried it on your face yet?

    11. I like your steam cream tin design. :) Are you still using it now?

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