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  1. Lunasol Coral Palette

    Mar 26, 2010

    My first Lunasol palette is here! Thanks to stellarvixen, I am introduced to the world of Lunasol! She went hauling recently and kind enough to get me these babies. Other than the palette, there is this Kate makeup base, lip gloss and a nail polish.

    Lookie here, the colours are so gorgeous! Super fine shimmer and shout out loud of spring.

    My 'monkey' charm from my phone camera just got to be in the mirror LoL

    It's so pretty that I have not even wanna start using it yet, gonna get some inspirational EOTD out there in the world of blogging. Gonna learn from you gals!

    This Kate makeup base is in white liquid. It is supposed to be hydrating (sound gr8 for my oily skin). It really absorb fast into the skin. I have not been using this alot, because it is actually quite little for a tube like this. I reckon I can finish this for like 15 applications >.<

    Sorry for the short post! I hope you don't think I do a half-a** job on this post. I'm getting ready for a big giveaway next week, which is my BIRTHDAY! Something on this page will be given away (everything will be brand new!). So stay tune, babes, I will be back for a great great giveaway!

    With Love, Elle
    With Love, Elle

  2. 9 kisses & hugs:

    1. stellarvixen said...

      you are most welcome hun!
      the pleasure is mine to welcome you to the wondrous world of LUNASOL lurvings..just in time for SPRING!

      oh yesss please gip us EOTD!!
      honestly you've horned your crafty skillz...

      haha nottie nottie monkeyy peekin from the mirror~~

      we all need MAKEUP base!! period..
      bad harsh UV rays been giving me more spots than EVA boo!!

      am lookin for remedy to lighten those spots...sniff sniff

      woohoo for giveaway...damnnn it woman i've been not receiving love packages zzzz

    2. cushycottage said...

      love the lunasol color. definitely a spring color.

      cute monkey!

      will be waiting for your giveaway :)

    3. superwoolu said...

      oohh is that from the spring color eye collection?! the colors are soooo pretty!!

    4. Calia Yang said...

      *jealous* u got a lunasol palette!! i want one too! love the colors!!

      happy early birthday!!! *hugs*

    5. Popcorn said...

      The palette looks awesome!!! drools*

      I just need to try a Lunasol and Maquillage palette! hahaha then I will know which brand I like the most. LOL HUMAN DESIRES~ I feel ashamed of myself.

    6. Savvy Gal said...

      Looking good!

    7. kanishk said...

      love the lunasol color. definitely a spring color.
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    8. priincess said...

      i must try that primer for myself!

    9. MizzJ said...

      Cute palette! Post some EOTD with it! Oh and Happy Birthday!

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