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  1. Sometimes it's totally ridiculous to spend so much on just a t-shirt isn't it? That's why hop down to factory outlets for some great bargains! Especially if you are overseas or going overseas, claim your GST at the airport! So here is what I got at the Essendon DFO:

    So my haul on RL tops supposedly A$600, but with the discounts, total purchase was only A$300! And I get to claim back A$30 at the airport later. So with 5 tops, it's an average of A$55 for each top! Without outlets like this, I won't even think of spending that much on t-shirts. Have you gals splurge on any t-shirts lately? ^^
    With Love, Elle

  2. 8 kisses & hugs:

    1. Popcorn said...

      Wow! Polo Ralph!!! I love their things. very high quality!

      I like your pink polo!! very cutee!!! :)

    2. Zoe said...

      I love ur pink t-shirt too, I have never spent that much on ay of my t-shirts, lol..nice haul*

    3. Uinisan said...

      what a steal hhahhahaa... lovin it!!! not to mention comfy to wear~~~~

    4. stellarvixen said...

      where have you been! :P
      tellme about it..smack me in the head to pay a hefty price for retail at KL rm400-700..arghh ridonculous pricing!

      DFO for me definitely~~ anytime!
      lovely choice!! i luvv all your picks~~ great pressie for SO!! *giggle

    5. Tammy said...

      Have I been splurging on T's? Noo...it's officially cable-knit-sweater season over here hhehe

      The pink polo looks super cute on you!

    6. hey girl!

      Awesome buys!!! =)
      I luv that pink polo. It looks great on u.

      I was in a polo phrase like about 3 years ago, so I still have many polos in my closet. lol.

    7. kuri♥ayu said...

      wow the pink polo looks so great on u! that was an awesome deal :)

    8. daisymay said...

      I always buy loads of Tommy Hilfiger stuff when Im in Canada staying with my aunt because they have an amazing outlet store close to hers. Its cost me literally 20% of what it would cost new in the UK. After converting the prices £80 trousers cost me around £20 and £60 tops were costing me around £12! So the majority of my case was packed with Hilfiger stuff!

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