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  1. Giveaway New Winner

    Dec 7, 2009

    Oh my, LuckyFinds have not email me at all in regards to her addy, so I got to pick a new winner for my previous giveaway. BRB with the announcement, so I apologise to Marisa, the parcel will be abit delay, as I will only go to the post office this coming 9th December 2009. Thousand apologies! So I have upped you to be winner of Prize A! Stay tune gals, winner of Prize B in my next post.
    I know it's been some time, but I know it's never too late to give credit where it is due. I got tag for this award, Over the Top, by the following luvly gals:
    Janice @ Seek for Beauty, Lisa @ xMaterialGirlsx,
    and I'm to answer the following in ONE word (this is actually hard, because we bloggers tend to be very descriptive isn't it???)
    • Where's your cell phone : handbag
    • Your hair : straight
    • You mother : talkative
    • You father : quiet
    • Favorite Food : chinese
    • Dream last night : dory
    • Favorite drink : lemon-limed-bitters
    • What room are you : bedroom
    • Hobby : read
    • Fear : blindness
    • Where were you last night : blockbuster
    • Something that you aren't : rude
    • Muffins : double-choc
    • Wish list item : cartier
    • Where did you grow up : KL
    • What are you wearing : pinky-robe
    • Your pets : excited
    • Friends : happy
    • Something you're not wearing : earrings
    • Favorite store : myer
    • Favorite color : pink
    • Last time you laughed : always
    • Your best friend : sisters
    • Place you go to over and over : westfield
    • Person who emails you regularly : family
    • Favorite place to eat : taipan
    With Love, Elle

  2. 1 kisses & hugs:

    1. Marisa said...

      Hi Elle! So, LuckyFinds didn't email you, oh thats a pitty :s
      About the delay, that's fine, really, no upseting news ;)
      So, i got prize A, i understood righ? weeeee, thank you :D

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